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Climate CoLab is such a Great Place to Build a Project2Leland1107 hours
Future contests4Max8968 hours
Wildlife Management System ?4harryclone12 hours
Introducing Social Electricity2packingmaterial12 hours
Climate Resilient Village.2holidaypackages13 hours
A Climate Change Denier in the White House?2wedddingphotography13 hours
The life in cities over the next century3FlorenceWillburn1 day
Redefining The Democratic And Republican Parties Positions On Climate Change!2Estella1122 days
Does System Dynamics Make Sense?3Amelie7854 days
Commercial use2bachmanna1615 days
Use of real names instead of screen names?13VickyGibbs32 days
Green Roofs: What if your city behaved like an ecosystem?3southy39 days
Climate change discussion10Vagabond13745 days
The year 40001Vagabond13745 days
to be a member of the club3bachmanna1649 days
I'm Confused!2bachmanna1650 days
Report bugs and request features76bachmanna1688 days
Save Energy Save Lives #SDGs #cars #airpollution Stop polluting cities by cars,Use GPS electric capsule days
rant1angelo121 days
Building Carbon Pricing Into Products & Services To Reach Net-Carbon Neutrality Through Consumption1freeskier91123 days
Plastics anyone?5Mahakaaj129 days
Seeking team menbers on project for mobilizing cities and regions for cliumate action16hollyberkowitz134 days
Urban metabolism and urban planning gap1gabfern158 days
Pollination can be a strategy to reduce CO2 in the agriculture ?1cprehder190 days
Why Climate Change?10RobertDyson218 days
Algae for Climate Mitigation4SeaweedOilToBioresin223 days
Cryogenic Research Collaboration Sought (Crowds & Climate Unconference: Follow-up)1enthalpiq232 days
Transfer proposal?2bachmanna16234 days
The Future of Energy: Unleashing the Power of Innovation, Sustainability and Stewardship2abufreepower1964311 days
Evolution is complexity, analogically, optimally realised2ericleclair88318 days
Math and physics help needed! Post your questions and answers here.1dbayne322 days
Results of the CoLab Contest2vpdrive325 days
Eco-Cassava1africa4green345 days
Climate change as a business opportunity1africa4green359 days
Fukushima's radionuclides and their effect on our Global weather14michael123359 days
His Future depends on us. 2bachmanna161 year
supporting files2bachmanna161 year
Problems submitting proposal- HELP2bachmanna161 year
kind of puzzled3bachmanna161 year
Looking for Team Members for Clean Energy Supply3Emmanetking1 year
How do we insert videos into our proposals ?4bachmanna161 year
Discussion thread from Huynh Phu Dat10jperron1 year
Supporting vs. public voting2bachmanna161 year
Eco-Cassava1africa4green1 year
Current contest entry date?2jperron1 year
How can I edit my proposals , I make them better .4bachmanna161 year
If a proposal is not only viable but can be implemented immediately, what is the next step?1vpdrive1 year
help?? please???4NeilLizotte1 year
Fund$ available to implement great ideas in Adelaide, South Australia1wbt1 year
Call for entries: A $1 million prize for the best method to map Indonesian peatlands1snaegelin1 year
Seeking team members for eco-friendly ferry company2ajdavis20041 year
Modeling Algorithms and Help1ajdavis20041 year
Fund$ available to implement great ideas in Pennsylvania (USA)1wbt1 year
Climate change and Sustainable Agriculture Development5opentoinfo1 year
A billion dollar prize: $1,000,000,000.00!!!1opentoinfo1 year
American Companies and overseas product production1jennybea1 year
"24 Hours of Reality:" Online Watch Party & Live Discussion!2wbt1 year
Research on "Why Climate CoLab?". Please tell me your opinion! All are welcome!1nwonghku1 year
Sub-national actors project1andrew11 year
The judges written 'Evaluation' of proposals are not showing up on many proposals; Also are there standards for judging?8bachmanna161 year
EnRoads needs to be turned on for the revision time frame1michael1231 year
Need Messages Deleated2bachmanna161 year
Is this platform crashing???4bachmanna161 year
Does the following change to the judging rules help address the need for an effective global plan? "IMPORTANT **For example, plans will not be advanced that offer a singular idea that can be applied globally[...]".1michael1231 year
The use of logic should not be a negative/limiting factor in the judging of proposals!1michael1231 year
too little too late?6timg1 year
"Speed Dating" for Winners and Funders1davefinnigan07851 year
sofc natural gas fuel cells1tomll43501 year
Technology Submission - State of the Art - Novel InFlow Tech - Featured Project Development; 1-Gearturbine, 2-Imploturbocompressor1novelinflow1 year
The national/regional plan platform does not actually have space for describing the author's standalone plan.2bachmanna161 year
The 'Show History' function is not working as there is No history content of prior work.2bachmanna161 year
The 'Search by Contest' is not working4bachmanna161 year
List of voters4bachmanna161 year
The "Impact" models are showing different outcomes with same inputs.4michael1231 year
Is new climate action contest worth the time?5billferree1 year
Deadline for posting a proposal2bachmanna161 year
Regional-Sector Workspaces Closing1bachmanna161 year
Daily digest email2bachmanna161 year
Suggestions for future contest applicants:3bachmanna161 year
Change to the proposal format regional climate action plans1bachmanna161 year
Introducing First Review1bachmanna161 year
Whole scale butchering/mixing of text3bachmanna161 year
I just lost the last 30 minutes of changes since the system dropped me with no warning.2bachmanna161 year
Massive number of emails/comments being posted on same issue2bachmanna161 year
Have a question about regional and global plans?1bachmanna161 year
supplementary information for proposals?4stacyrh1 year
Explain3billferree1 year
Advisers, Fellows and Judges seem to be switched around.2bachmanna161 year
Incentivize growing of climate-suitable crops in Southwestern states1zenboy6271 year
What's the point of people supporting a proposal, as opposed to voting?2bachmanna161 year
New 'proposal selection' feature not working2lamche1 year
Information in proposals is being deleted4bachmanna161 year
How does Climate Colab rate? (as an organization)2LFisher1 year
History Button Not Working2bachmanna161 year
Scaling globally, sustainable systems, how to assign carbon-footprint?1timallard1 year
Cursor Issues2bachmanna161 year
My profile as been posted under someone else's photo.2bachmanna161 year
Updates on past winners?2bachmanna161 year
hydrogen powered thermal mass oven1angelo1 year
Help me stop Mad scientist from looking for Energy!1abufreepower19642 years
Skill Sets?1zentropic2 years
Models/Voting Schemes/Structure/Theory for collaboration12TedW2 years
International Professors Project Volunteer to Promote and/or Recruit2sarjan12 years
Why are the front page questions so large in scope?3waghhm2 years
Common Visual Representation4unscrew2 years
I have found that a proposal of mine has been edited without my knowledge1michael1232 years
A late suggestion for Adaptation to Climate Change, addressing drinking water & sea level rise11jan-k2 years
Unlimited Jet Fuel From Wind Power1rgschreib2 years
The Global 50/50 Lottery1rgschreib2 years
New contest entry posted for climate change1tracyb2 years
A better Home Solar3tsegayesamson2 years
Design for greenhouse collecting potable water1rootsup2 years
Bios8michael1232 years
Air conditioning campaign ideas (anyone? please!)4waghhm2 years
Anticipating Climate Change in the Pamir Mountains3ignorant2 years
Lets convince the EU to use the massive financial ECB Boost Wisely!1Hendrik2 years
Carbon Tax & Australian Politics8ignorant2 years
Clotheslines6ignorant2 years
Contests?! How about a contest to fix Fukushima?!!!3michael1232 years
Heat Island Coming at Alewife2alewife2 years
UT Energy Week for startups: $100K in prizes2thegreenspan2 years
WINNERS NETWOK11jan-k2 years
Subscription display bug2wbt2 years
Can a proposal be in more than one category?2LFisher2 years
Stop to follow the wrong way of machine propulsion building is building the hell on Earth as progress.1geartrust2 years
Posts typed before login are lost2manuelthurner2 years
combination proposals3waghhm2 years
What happen is this ?2LFisher2 years
Who, and how can we best approach to discuss about Reduction of Transportation Emissions3jan-k2 years
Why Climate Colab change the date ?5huynhphudat2 years
Proposal updates3dennis2 years
The simple politics of climate change1billchandler2 years
Let's engage in more meaningful debates...12timg2 years
Reverse links2LFisher2 years
a social eco-nomic model1timg2 years
Black Carbon, is it important to reduce, what can we do?2jeboulter2 years
Proposal to unleash the power of example is looking for good examples!1jan-k2 years
Push and Go E-Bike renewable electric system1abufreepower2 years
Voting: Any promotional email to Climate Colab members4LFisher2 years
120 MPG engine5charmaineb2 years
Could GM save us?1harveyjohnwilliams20002 years
If you could offer future proposal authors one piece of advice, what would it be?16blindspotter2 years
Edit section by section1moreybean2 years
Can any new transportation system ever be built in the United States?7robertdedomenico2 years
Public webinar with Land Use Advisors & Fellows, June 251tallee2 years
Injecting sustainability concepts in lifestyle1laxmimanohar2 years
Join us at a Sustainability Conference at the National Academies1futuretrends3 years
Munipalities contributing to the demise of greenhouse effects.2vishalbhavsar3 years
U will choose a proposal make Earth store CO2 or poposal can't make Earth store CO2 ?3huynhphudat3 years
Brainstorming a civil society topic6tominga3 years
How do you join a team for editing / composing a proposal?4alastor4403 years
Is The Copy Cat, "Cut And Paste" Mentality Working Against Climate Adaptation In Africa?3tominga3 years
Are there categories of solutions?2LFisher3 years
Does the money prize discourage collaboration? I think so.3guybeaumont3 years
Novel Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech - Gearturbine Project - Featured Development - Atypical Motor Engine Type2novelinflow3 years
What are the design features of sustainable interventions to climate change ?2farmajarn3 years
Contest help, $350 million already committed1keithhenson3 years
Someone that discover how to separate atoms in any liquid.1stealthb20003 years
Join the Action4Climate competition!2yugani3 years
air-powered household energy generation2yugani3 years
What have you done to reduce your carbon footprint today?701iv3r3 years
A new transportation model using available technology - mobility as a 'product'1galen3 years
Sustainable Transportation;4galen3 years
Cultural barriers3pj3 years
Calling for news of allied eco-competitions and crowdsourcing!7engovinstitute3 years
Electric power sector5pj3 years
Paving the way for a Climate Solution Driver11LFisher3 years
Cultural Differences: Participation en todos el mundo2LFisher3 years
Compete or Support: ONe Common Goal3pj3 years
Empowering community-led action in the highly vulnerable Caribbean1lm3 years
Go Green, Save Money, Build Community1robmeans3 years
Basalt RockDust/Remineralize the Earth2blindspotter3 years
First phase proposals review5nishadhka3 years
Media monitoring strategy2roddy554 years
eco-engineering1russ4 years
Category2laubacher4 years
Green Bussiness Idea - Sustainable Trade Practice is possible2blindspotter4 years
In which contest does my project belong?4laubacher4 years
Please sign my petition "Stop Misleading Energy Pipedreams."1mariahalyna4 years
Greetings - new Relief Analysis Center concept under Adaptation4laubacher4 years
My introduction to changing how we address problems with regards to science and society Why innovation is not moving forward in America1geosci4 years
Your feedback on 2011 + ideas for 2012 please20pj4 years
Oil / Coal and Gas1tones4 years
Crowdfunding for renewable energy projects7guy-dauncey4 years
Fight global warming with MORE cattle?2guy-dauncey4 years
Anyone sharing job perspectives on climate change?2blindspotter4 years
Can tourism help? Let me introduce sustainable tourism world3laubacher4 years
RECIPE For Saving RAIN FORESTS and US2nostradome4 years
GLOBAL WARMING4johnrosebush4 years
Only types of energy that can be produced in the future and requirements that will be necessary5johnrosebush4 years
What can we learn from Hurricane Sandy?2timallard4 years
What questions do engineers have for climate scientists?4blindspotter4 years
can we change the climate in Somalian lands by this idea ?4blindspotter4 years
ECOCITY 20132blindspotter4 years
White, reflective roofs7john-d-134 years
New Innovations- Wind / Water Powered Energy2corrij4 years
Climate change research augmentation through crowdsourcing.2laubacher4 years
Belief economics - changing price elasticity to make pricing more effective15jamesatkins4 years
Running on Empty Caucus of USA Democrats3dickmcmanus4 years
Sustainable Tourism World is looking for collaborators1sara4 years
Affordable amphibious housing solution for Climate Adaptation2blindspotter4 years
Proposed Activities in 201240emissions4 years
Ten Steps to Planetary Sustopia - Part One: The Asynsis Sustopia Initiative - Redux 02/07/122oyeta9364 years
Biochar stoves in minority world countries3ed-revill4 years
Algae Carbon Sink to Prevent Clathrate Gun1algaeman4 years
What is the hang up?40neil-levine4 years
Geoengineering- reducing solar intensities using mirages in outer space1alisho5 years
Common Easy to Understand Measures of Solar PV efficiencies2chorn5 years
Framing our collective activity14dave15 years
Climate and health1neil-pakenham-walsh5 years
How about a press release for the winners?1mike-in-hull5 years
Conspiracy by Dennis Peterson3laubacher5 years
Extremely dissapointed by the results5wendy5 years
six global finalists, but only three can be voted for?4rogerweaton5 years
Notification that voting has begun?2laubacher5 years
How can we create a CoLab activity around the idea quantifying local effects and impacts?8anearthmother5 years
Evidence of climate change and the scale of required mitigation4pljom5 years
"Gaming" on the CoLab5stellaroo5 years
Proposed Contest: A Climate Change Short Fiction Competition1durbrow5 years
Climate Change Road Signs to combat Denialism1durbrow5 years
Intellectual Property Exchange, 2009 ©.4blindspotter5 years
Team Matchmaking Forum: Post ads for teammates or find a team!4nishadhka5 years
Models and modeling functionality5dennis5 years
Specific CoLab activities6blindspotter5 years
Feedback on 2010 contest1Administrator6 years
By 2020 , 1 billion ICE vehicles on the road isn't it enough1electro-vehicles-europe6 years
Christmas and Climate Change1sarisk6 years
Climate of Change1stonybrook16 years