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Transportation efficiency 2013

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09/01/13 12:00 EDT
How can CO2 emissions from the world's transportation be reduced?

The IPCC estimates that transportation will account for 19 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions in 2030. This contest seeks proposals on how emissions from transportation can be reduced, with a focus on increased transportation efficiency. See more...


41 Proposals

Proposal nameAuthor(s)

Revival of small-scale sail transportSalish Sea Coop

Our sail transport cooperative is riding the wave of peer-based sharing and relocalizing the economy to bring carbon-neutral transport.

Untitled Proposal 1301718sageidea

The goal is to filter polluted air from factories& roadways. Plants would be in enclosures filtering air (see photo).

Extreme Light Rail Technologies (ELR)forespidy

A concept transport system aims to push the 10^3 to 10^4 mpg efficiency envelope, and promises the creation of an entire new industry.

Using Piezoelectricity to Combat Transportation Carbon Footprintlake321

By using piezoelectricity to harness the mechanical energy that cars put on the road, we could produce energy as a byproduct of travel.

perpetual automobile.ericjcrews

The people have over looked an alternative energy system. Our system is a pneumatic / electric generator , fuel less with zero Co2 emission

Smart Exhaust ITB Indonesia - Delivering Clean Air Towards Brighter FutureSmart Exhaust ITB

‘With green technology we create environment visionary people’ SMARTEX ITB Indonesia, keep fostering nature towards better future

CoLab use terms invite low quality proposalsdaryloster

CoLab policy: "All materials ... will be made available to third parties under the Creative Commons ... License" Is a deal breaker.


De-icing system on the body section around the vehicle tires to improve safety and efficiency of driving in freezing winters.

Arbitrary Range Immediate Dispatch Autonomous Small Article Transport Systemrobertdedomenico

Develop and implement a system for small article transport as a utility service instead of driving to get groceries, deliver mail, etc.

TriTrack built over existing citiesjerry-roane

Aerodynamic Cd of .07 with frontal area of 14 square feet per four passenger car enables sunshine alone to power transportation on guideway.

Large Solutions to Large Problems need Large Fundingjimmyj

Offering big fuel companies the opportunity to generate even more profit while helping to clean up climate change could mean business.

Gas-Powered Cars Driven by Electric Motorsjimsmith145

Gasoline engines can more efficiently create electricity and thus power electric motors which can more efficiently propel vehicles.

Public transportation as the only way of everyday commuteFlora

Cars need to be replaced with buses, LRTs, trains and any other public ways of transportation.

Sustainable Digital Dividend: reduced emissions; no crashes; no congestionMarkCapron

Driverless vehicles reduce emissions, eliminate congestion, accidents, and food deserts by enabling vehicle and parking sharing.

Tire Auto-Inflation Hubcapsalgaeman

Cheap hubcap w/ integrated centrifugal pump, pressure canister, mechanically adjustable valve assembly that automatically inflates the tire.

Replace the automobile with PRTring2ding

Speed Limits for International Shippingavmartin

We propose establishing and enforcing speed limits for commercial shipping in order to reduce fuel consumption and consequent CO2 generation

wind propelled planes, trains ,and automobilesbeth01440

and when computers were first invented they were huge someone thought to minimize them now we have microchips why not mini wind turbines

ethanol fueled livery and taxi companiesbeth01440

livery and taxi companies that take advantage of producing their own ethanol fuel from byproducts.

Smart actions for green transportationgiovannimacchia and 1 other

Smart actions for green transportation

Untitled Proposal 1000942eduhaime

Make LXR mandatory in each countrylxr

Our belief is that LXR has the potential to reduce carbon emissions worldwide more effectively than any other solution currently available.

Develop High-Speed Rail Network in the USalexborschow

The USA will benefit greatly from high-speed rail network linking its major urban areas, reducing carbon emissions and improving efficiency.

Closing the biofuel cyclebeberly37

Its been said, "You can do a smart thing stupidly." Its time we started being smart about biofuels, transportation and agriculture.

Cartential reduces emissions by up to 80% & fuel consumption by up to 15%cartential

Cartential is a cooling system additive that reduces fuel consumption and harmful exhaust emissions in petrol and diesel combustion engines

Vehicles with home-made fuelanearthmother

Hydrogen fuelled vehicles (& Ark type vessels), all propelled via our own 'plant' from the methane we produce ourselves - with PV roof

Modular High Mileage Carstylerfolsom and 1 other

Team WIKISPEED proposes mitigation of transportation GHG production through near term production of affordable cars getting 100 mpg.

Freedom Transitjberegi

Solar powered elevated roadway for enabled electric cars.

Transportation: Community proposalAdministrator

Electric transit and carbon-neutral gasoline

Segway Share Programeduhaime

Ideas from the MIT Sustainability Workshop with Continuum Innovation

Thermodynamics of Human Mobilitygalen

Using new mobility data, we can know how people move and consume energy, a major cause of climate change. A revolution in urban planning.

"The Intertubes"paulgrahamraven

"The Intertubes": a packet-switched underground goods-delivery network with utility infrastructure expansion

Algae Carbon Sinkalgaeman

Algae oxygenated our atmosphere, algae can prevent Clathrate Gun extinction while mining boi-fuel stocks for storage in salt domes.

SUR2012: Smart Utility Railway for a future cityfkaraca

This idea suggests to remove all existing household infrastructures with a completely new fully automated transport based delivery system

Intellectual Property Stocks Trade System, 2011 ©.boris-lagutin

Intellectual Property Stocks Trade System aimed to solve climate change problems could develop new economic, finance trends saving nature.

Transportation transports Economysumit-vij

Transportation transports economy