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UN Dispatch, How Can the International Community Do Hurricane Response Better?, September 2017
Sustainable Brands, MIT Climate CoLab Offering $10K for Solutions for Energy, Emissions, Shifting Climate Change Attitudes, July 2017
Boston Business Journal, MIT Climate CoLab launches seven new contests with $10K grand prize, July 2017
Greenability Magazine, Apply to $10,000 Climate Change Contest, July 2017
Carbon Pulse Daily, Contest the best, July 2017
UN Environment Adaptation, Improving Disaster Preparedness of Deaf People in the Philippines, July 2017 
UN Environment Adaptation, The Volunteer Network Management System and LifeTowers: Low Cost Solutions for Effective Last Mile Early Warning Dissemination, July 2017 
PLOS, Engaging the public to tackle climate change, April 2017
Discover Magazine, Citizen Science to track weather and climate change, March 2017
Global Envision, Mercy Corps, Colab-oration: MIT brings a fresh perspective to the fight against climate change March 2017
Forbes, 3 Ways You Can Help The World's Climate Scientists Right Now, February 2017
MIT News, MIT, Conservation International announce collaboration on climate adaptation and mitigation, January 2017


MIT News, How online tools and open innovation can support implementation of the Paris Agreement goals, November 2016
MIT News, Forging ahead on Climate Action, November 2016
UNESCO, MIT Climate CoLab contest on Anticipating Climate Hazards Launched, October 2016
Meritalk, MIT Uses Collective Intelligence to Find Climate Change Solutions, October 2016
MIT News, MIT Climate CoLab awards innovative climate proposals, presents $10,000 prize, October 2016
Climate Central, Climate Letters to the Future That Should Inspire You Now, October 2016
La Semana, Las Ciudades Del Futuro: Bajas En Carbono, October 2016
Georgia Tech News, Thomas and Team Win Judges' Choice Award from MIT's Climate CoLab, October 2016
Take Part, One Easy Thing Parents Can Do to Show Kids They Care About the Planet, September 2016
American Society of Civil Engineers, Mass Transit Invention Goes Above And Beyond, September 2016
Forbes, The 8 Social Impact Companies Selected To Pitch At SXSW Eco This Fall, August 2016 
Vox, It's hard to talk about climate change. This storytelling project wants to make it easier, August 2016 
International Business Times, Caterpillar train: Indian Railways engineer's idea wins at MIT climate contest, August 2016
India Times, Indian Engineer Wins Prestigious MIT Award For A Train That Will 'Fly Over' Your City's Traffic, August 2016
Fox59, Bloomington project aims to make renting cheaper, more sustainable, July 2016
National Geographic, Climate change is making calendars run amok, June 2016
MIT-EI, MIT at COP21: Sharing climate research &  strategies in Paris, June 2016
Huffington Post, 23 Ideas for your GreenTeam #EarthDay, April 2016
AASHE Bulletin, MIT Initiates Crowdsourcing for Climate Mitigation Ideas + More, March 2016
The Energy Collective, White House Features Newly Launched MIT Climate CoLab Energy-Water Nexus Contest, March 2016
MIT News,White House features new MIT Climate CoLab Energy-Water Nexus Contest, March 2016
MIT News, Getting the world to turn down the heat, March 2016 
MIT News, Crowdsourcing contest to focus on reducing campus emissions, March 2016
PR NewsWire, MIT Lab Opens 10 Contests on Climate Change, February, 2016
CleanTechnica, MIT launches 10 Climate CoLab contests, February 2016
Share America, Crowdsourced climate solutions shine bright at MIT lab, February 2016
MIT News, Coming together on climate, February 2016
MIT News, MIT Lab opens 10 new contests on climate change, February 2016
The CSR Journal, Adidas, Nike and Puma’s 2015 For Sustainability, February 2016


MIT News, Sharing climate research and strategies in Paris, December 2015
Taipei Times, Taiwan unveils climate initiative at Paris summit, December 2015
MIT News, United Nations and MIT collaborate on climate change resilience, December 2015
Nice Kicks, Nike & MIT Team Up to Develop the "Materials Matter" contest, December 2015
Huffington Post, The Paris Accord is Our Accord, December 2015 
Refinery 29, Levi's, Nike, & Target Get Serious About Sustainability With The White House, October 2015
Daily CSR, NIKE Joins Climate CoLab To Develop Sustainable Material, October 2015
World Industrial Reporter, Going Green: MIT Climate CoLab, Nike Launch Materials Matter Competition, October 2015
The White House, White House Announces Commitments to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge, October 2015 
MIT News, MIT Climate CoLab, in collaboration with Nike, launches new materials competition, October 2015
The CSR Journal, Adidas, Nike and Puma's 2015 for Sustainability, October 2015
Thompson Reuters, Could high tech fabrics transform fashion's impact on climate change?, October 2015
Fashion Times, Nike Announces Plans To Carry Out 100 Percent Renewable Energy By 2025, September 2015
Hypebeast, Nike Announces Collaboration with MIT Climate CoLab, September 2015
GreenBiz, Why Nike and MIT see textiles as material to climate change, September 2015
MIT News, A week of celebration and inspiration — Boston-style, September, 2015
MIT News, MIT Climate CoLab announces 32 winning climate strategies, September 2015
Industry Tap, MIT Climate CoLab Leverages Collective Intelligence to Solve Climate Change, August 2015
New City, Proposed Bike-Share Program Would Also Generate Electricity, August 2015
Spectrvm, Crowdsourcing Global Climate Strategies, Summer 2015
MIT News, Voting open for top climate change innovations, August 2015
Grist, Could we fight climate change with bitcoin? This guys thinks so, June 2015
MIT News, Crowdsourcing climate strategy, May 2015
ClimateWire, Latest MIT 'CoLab' Contest Seeks Ideas For Regional Climate Plans Around The World, May 2015
Responding to Climate Change, Wikiclimate: crowdsourcing's place in a Paris deal, May 2015
MIT News, May 19 webinar to discuss U.S. carbon price, opportunities for innovation, May 2015
The Boston Globe,To address climate change, MIT lab seeks the wisdom of crowds, May 2015
Clean Technica, MIT Climate CoLab asks all for impactful climate plans, April 2015
Huffington Post, Collective Intelligence for Mega Problem-Solving, April 2015
MIT News, MIT Climate CoLab seeks high-impact ideas on how to tackle climate change, March 2015
BBC World Service, Boston Calling, Climate Hack, January 2015


MIT Sloan Executive Education, Tackling Climate Change—Collectively, December 2014
MIT News, MIT conference celebrates climate change innovators, November 2014
MIT News, 3 Questions: Thomas Malone on the Climate CoLab’s progress, November 2014
PRI's The World, An MIT project crowdsources local solutions in the fight against climate change, November 2014
MIT News, MIT conference celebrates climate change innovators, November 2014
MIT Sloan News, Green building maintenance plan wins at Climate CoLab conference, November 2014
Blouin News, Policy solutions to climate change: start small, think big, November 2014
Blouin News, Climate change: it’s not unsolvable, November 2014
Blouin News, The levels of vital carbon-cutting policy, November 2014
Sustainable Brands, MIT Announces 2014 Climate CoLab Winners, November 2014
ClimateWire, MIT competition uses crowdsourcing to find climate change solutions, October 2014
Sustainable Brands, Crowdsourcing solutions for global problems with Climate CoLab, September 2014
White House Office of the Press Secretary, FACT SHEET: Empowering America’s Agricultural Sector and Strengthening Food Resilience through the President’s Climate Data Initiative, July 2014
ClimateWire, Former Reagan official predicts Republican skeptics will be 'mummed' by climate change, July 2014
MIT Alumni Magazine, Innovation at Work, July 2014
Forbes, A Startup Accelerator For Data-Driven Social Enterprises Addressing Climate Change, July 2014
MIT Alumni Faculty Forum, Crowdsourcing Solutions to Climate Change, June 2014
Smithsonian Magazine, Why Doesn't anyone know how to talk about global warming?, May 2014
Grist, With collective intelligence, scientists learn it’s your thoughts that count, May 2014
Discovery News, Contests Harness Crowd Smarts to Tackle Climate Change, May 2014
Popular Science, Why MIT Thinks You (Yes, You!) Can Solve Climate Change, May 2014
The Guardian, Crowdsourcing climate change, one contest at a time, April 2014
ClimateWire, MIT taps crowdsourcing for ways to break Washington's climate gridlock, March 2014
TechRepublic, White House attacks climate change with hackathons, crowdsourcing, and big data, March 2014
White House Office of the Press Secretary, FACT SHEET: The President’s Climate Data Initiative: Empowering America’s Communities to Prepare for the Effects of Climate Change, March 2014
PBS NOVA Next, How Millions of People Can Help Solve Climate Change, January 2014


Sloan School of Management, A game plan for leadership on climate change, November 2013
Climate Interactive, John Sterman on the Power of Simulations, November 2013
Cambridge Chronicle, MIT CoLab Conference seeks "bottom-up" approach to climate change, November 2013
Guardian Development, 13 tips on building a coalition to tackle climate change, November 2013
Guardian Development, How to build a global coalition to end climate change, November 2013, Expert panel discussion with Climate CoLab
Guardian Sustainable Business, Harnessing the crowd to promote sustainable innovation, November 2013
MIT News, Confronting climate change from the bottom up, November 2013
Green Biz, Cities, Startups tap the wisdom of crowds for sustainability, November 2013
UToday, University of Calgary, HEAT Project takes grand prize at MIT conference on global climate change, November 2013
Think Progress, Citizen Science: How A Facebook Game Could Help Us Tackle Climate Change, October 2013
Danone Down to Earth, Solutions To The Climate Change, October 2013
Imagination for People, What is Collective Intelligence?, October 2013
co.EXIST, 28 Ingenious Solutions To Our Climate Woes, October 2013
UNDP Europe and Central Asia, The winner (could) take it all: MIT ClimateCoLab crowdsourcing competition, September 2013
SmartPlanet, Novel nuclear reactors atop MIT energy contest finalists, August 2013
eBay, eBay Inc. employees create carpool app that's recognized by MIT Climate CoLab competition, August 2013 
SciStarter, Stop, Collaborate and Vote! Help solve climate change with MIT's Climate CoLab Project, August 2013
ScienceOnline Climate, Hangout On Air: Looking Ahead - What are the Next Big Things in Climate Communication?August 2013
Framing Resilience, Climate CoLab at MIT and 'Resilient Cities', July 2013
Green Challenge, Can crowdsourcing help the world tackle climate change?, May 2013
Alliance for Climate Education, $10,000 Grand Prize for MIT Climate Crowdsourcing Contest. April 2013
ICEI USA, Crowdsourcing to Tackle Climate Change. March 2013
Melting Glacier Analytics, Opportunity for Climate Visionaries: Climate CoLab, March 2013
Community Research Connections, Have an idea for how to address climate change? PDF guide to the CoLab. February 2013
Community Research Connections, Can crowdsourcing save the planet? February 2013


NASA Research Park (NRP) Post, Proposal Featuring SkyTran Wins Judges' Choice at Climate CoLab 2011, Winter 2012
Dot Earth, The New York Times, Exploring Humanity's Evolving 'Global Brain', December 2012
People's Insights Quarterly Magazine, Collaborative Social Innovation: Ten Frontiers for the Future of Engagement, December 2012
Edge, Collective Intelligence: A Conversation with Thomas W. Malone, November 2012
Action Now Network, An ingenious crowdsource model for innovative solutions to climate changeOctober 2012
MIT Sloan School of Management, Dalai Lama considers devastating problems, innovative solutions with MIT Sloan professorsOctober 2012
MIT News, At MIT, Dalai Lama calls for better stewardship of Earth's resourcesOctober 2012
Just Means, Food For Thought: Eating Our Way to SustainabilityOctober 2012
The Globe and Mail, Putting collective intelligence to work on a global threat Video TranscriptSeptember 2012
Sustainable Business Oregon, Open source collaboration on climate change taps Earth Advantage InstituteSeptember 2012
National Science Foundation, Online Citizen Collaboration Provides Climate SolutionsJune 2012
UNFCCC Newsletter, Harnessing collective intelligence to address climate change: MIT's Climate CoLabMay 2012
Trend Guardian, Climate CoLab: MIT's Solution to Stop Climate ChangeJanuary 2012
Fast Company, Climate CoLab: Harnessing The Hive Mind To Alleviate Climate ChangeJanuary 2012
Mass High Tech, MIT contestants to present climate-change economy ideas to UN, CongressJanuary 2012
MIT Sloan School of Management, MIT Sloan's Climate CoLab Contest Winners Present Proposals to the United Nations and U.S. CongressJanuary 2012


Yale Climate Connections, Yale Forum on Climate Change and the Media, December 2011
Business Wire, MIT Sloan School of Management, November 2011
Scientific American, Can Collective Intelligence Provide Answers to Climate Change Questions?, October 2011
IT Web, Strength in numbers, September 2011, MIT holds contest for climate, green economy policy ideas, August 2011, MIT Climate CoLab: Crowd-Sourcing Global Warming Solutions, August 2011
New York Times Dot Earth, Exploring Roots of Climate Stasis, and Next Steps, May 2011


Politico Morning Energy, Upton appears headed for victory in E&C race - Industry doubts Salazar's Gulf lease plans - Public lands omnibus takes shapeDecember 2010
Fast Company, Building A Better Climate Agreement: Contest Sparks New Ideas On CO2, November 2010
New York Times Dot Earth, Seeking Crowd-Sourced Climate Pacts, October 2010
MIT Spectrum, Collective BrainpowerSummer 2010
Harvard Business Review blog, Tweeting for Social Good in Davos, February 2010


MIT Energy InitiativeResearchDecember 2009
World Policy Journal, Economy, Inclusion And DynamismOctober 2009
MIT Sloan Alumni Magazine, The Climate Collaboratorium: A New Forum Brings Experts Together to Combat Global WarmingSpring 2009
Information Week, Climate Researchers Tap 'Wisdom Of The Crowds'February 2009


InfoWorld, Collective intelligence pioneer hailedDecember 2008
New York Times climate blog, Climate and the Web: ‘Electronic Democracy on Steroids’April 2008