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Mahesh Aacas

Jan 22, 2017


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I would like to compete with a single proposal on climate resilient IWRM model for marginalized communities living in highlands across the globe. The proposal has 3-4 innovations within as it has to advocate in A2R perspective. It requires all of those innovations to be included in order to make a 'complete' proposal or a complete model for sustainable climate change adaptation in targeted vulnerable community.

Could you please advice me, should I focus in only one innovation, or should I give propose a 'complete model' for implementation? 

I am one of the semi finalists of 2014 MIT Colab.


Mahesh Neupane

Nauman Haque

Jan 24, 2017


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Dear Mahesh,

Please outline the innovations that are relevant to the contest i.e. those that help anticipate climate hazards

Moustapha Yacine

Feb 1, 2017


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j'aimerais faire une proposition adaptation de l'élevage face aux aleas climatiques au sahel

Nauman Haque

Feb 7, 2017


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Dear Yaclnemamadou,

Many thanks for your interest in submitting a proposal. We look forward to your submission. Please hurry though as the proposal submission deadline is the 10th of February

All the best

Scott Strough

Feb 7, 2017


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I submitted my proposal but don't see it on the list? Can you help?

Jennifer Perron

Feb 8, 2017


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Dear Scott, 

We are looking into this issue, and will be in touch with you directly via email. 

All the best, 

Climate CoLab

Mahesh Aacas

Feb 20, 2017


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Dear Admin,

Can you help me to fix the issue of 'blank profile'. One of my contributor (team member) appears without any name. you can check it under our proposal-"Introducing VR for mock simulations...".  He tried logging in via facebook and via google as well, but the problem is not solved.




Jennifer Perron

Feb 27, 2017


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Dear Mahesh, 

Thank you for your message. Can you please clarify which user you are referring to? Currently, I see 10 contributors listed on your proposal, with names listed: 


If a team member is still missing, please let us know via email to admin@climatecolab.org. 

Thank you. 


Aown Shahzad

Mar 14, 2017


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So excited for the short listing in two weeks. 

Fingers crossed for my proposal of the Boat Tank!

Aown Shahzad

Mar 29, 2017


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Directed to the Judges, Advisers, Admin

     Hi thank you for your feedback. I'm very happy my proposal was shortlisted. 

I have a question though. I was reading the feedback on all the other proposals and noticed how some got elaborated evaluation while others (like mine) got 2 sentences. Also the judges shared their great enthusiasm about certain projects and ideas (the same which got the extensive feedback) which makes me think that because they didn't share a similar feedback to my proposal it must mean they aren't really into it. Which of course it their prerogative as judges. 

But still it makes me wonder if I still have a chance at winning judges choice since my evaluation didn't include any positive feedback or interest or enthusiasm as some of the other proposals did. Since it is the judges choice and the judges have hinted towards their favorites, it makes me vary of my chances of winning even after making relevant revisions. 

I would love to hear from one of the judges if what I'm saying has merit or doesn't.

If it doesn't its all the more better for me because that means I still have a shot at winning. 

Aadhithya Sujith

Apr 5, 2017


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Hi Aown,

I am not a judge but I am a climate colab community member just like you and I have also attended Climate colab conference last year as one of my project was selected as public category winner.

I have read through your proposal in detail and I see that idea is creative and has potential, the judges could have chosen only few proposal say 3 but they see potential in all the projects that is the reason they asked for clarification and more explanation. I think it is quite natural for them to be excited about some projects asking for more details and clarification, in those cases you may see more than 2 sentences as comments. So I strongly recommend taking your project to next level with the suggested revisions. Also I have noticed that last year a couple of projects which were finalists through Climatecolab and MIT got a great exposure and have turned out very successful so I think it is not only about winning the prize and you should try to see the bigger opportunity.

Good luck!

Thanks & regards


Caleb Wafula

Apr 11, 2017


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I am very exited and  working on the next step!

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