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Energy Supply Workspace 2016

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05/24/16 05:00 EDT - 05/24/18 05:00 EDT
How can greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation be reduced?

You are invited to submit your proposal here for energy supply outside of the contest period. Try out new ideas, share your work, connect with other members and recruit collaborators, and invite a global community to review and help develop your proposal. ?When new rounds of Climate CoLab contests begin, you will be able to move your proposal(s) to the relevant contest. To see previous Climate CoLab contests, see the Climate CoLab contest outline view.


18 Proposals

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The Tidal Energy Power Plant - an earth-shattering scientific breakthrough!dbayne

5/25/17 Team only
Wait a second... that's impossible! You're telling me the tide can travel that fast in the English Channel? Yes, and I can prove it!

Shutter-like turbine for tide or low head river hydrodynamic systemkiwaho

5/23/17 Team only
Reciprocal turbine 10x efficient than rotary one, rectangular vanes, like lock-piston. good for any lowhead river, best microhydro solution.

Adjust equipments to mitigate weather and lift heat to the outer spacedeivisbluz

4/28/17 Team only
Human activities disturb balance. Adjust equipments to restore balance and create waves to lift heat to the outer space.

Space-elevator-based nuclear power planttrialballoon

3/17/17 Team only
A space-elevator-based nuclear power plant would be safer and provide emission reductions compared to current nuclear and fossil fuel plants

Greener Smarter Cities, Infrastructure by 2030/2050 to Lower Climate C Levels100%REGreenCoolingUS

3/2/17 Team only

Tell me why this won't work. I have much more information.Need more room.Mike McGinnis

2/21/17 Team only
I am an environmental technician. We currently draw energy from wind and water turbines. Our atmosphere is a source of energy.

Technology development in response to climate changeramdom

2/21/17 Team only
Basic science, medicine, and nanotechnology research to adapt to climate change including development of nanobiosolar panels.

Create simple mode for mobile and other electronic appliancesAhmadreza Barghbani

2/21/17 Team only
Electrical appliances have features advanced and they are multi-processormobile)that we do not need them any time.we can use simple mode.

solving Jevons paradoxgalen

2/21/17 Team only
Efficiency forms a large part of climate change solutions. But we use up free resources, leading to Jevons' Paradox. Can this be overcome?

Autonomous device using waste heat for energy harvestingsalhi00imane

2/21/17 Team only
Autonomous device using waste heat for energy harvesting ( Thermoelectricity effect )

Enhancing Rural Domestic Energy System & Mitigating Green House Gas EmissionsKisimatembo

2/21/17 Team only
Save women and children from smoke and indoor pollution caused by cooking with firewood and charcoal? rescue environment v/s climate change

Design stairways to produce and save energy.Ahmadreza

2/10/17 Team only
Design stairways to produce and save energy.

30% return on invesment on solar panels for citiesaaronrabino

1/1/17 Team only
30% ROI by attaching solar panels to electric polls because direct current, less labour, existing infrustrutour, better angels.

Electric Power Infrastructure FinancingLFisher

12/27/16 Team only
Raise an additional $20 billion to support clean energy generation and export in Ethiopia

BMSH Engine: Gravity @ work in a new Hydroelectricity: No river or dam requiredbmusole

9/13/16 Team only
1.Hydrokinetic systems: no dam required 2.Pumped hydroelectric storage: no river required 3.lever mechanical advantage 1+2+3 = BMSH Engine

Global network of Water pipes as antenadeivisbluz

8/17/16 Anyone
Global water pipe network works as antena

Geo thermal energysergeikrivonos

8/9/16 Team only
Combine modern refrigerants with steam engine to use geothermal energy at any part of Earth.

Retrofitting Supercritical CO2 technology in exisiting power plants.Haryvz

7/28/16 Anyone
Instead of compressing CO2 and storing it underground, CO2 can be compressed into Supercritical form and recycled for power generation.