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Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges' comments

Thank you for participating in the 2016 Climate CoLab's Climate Smart Zero Carbon Cities contest, and for the time you spent in creating your entry.

The Judges have strongly considered your proposal, and have chosen to not advance it as a Semi-Finalist for this contest.

There are interesting ideas in your proposal. However, at the core of this proposal is the ambition to create two different organizations/centers: The Dresden ULab Hub,and also the X Prize Think Tank Dresden. But neither of these is described in enough detail to really understand what they are or the work that they would be doing.

The budget section gives some hints, but again none of the specific line items has been discussed in enough detail to really understand what is being proposed.

Also, it is nowhere clear how this proposal intends to use "smart technologies" as a tool for helping to reduce urban GHG emissions. Given that, it is not clear why you have submitted your proposal to the "Smart Zero Carbon Challenge" and not another one that has more to do with awareness raising/public engagement/mobilization.

We, the Judges and contest Fellows, are truly grateful for your contribution to the Climate CoLab and for your commitment to address climate change.

We very much hope you will stay involved in the Climate CoLab community. Please support and comment on other proposals on the platform and continue to submit your ideas into our contests.

If you have questions, please contact the Climate CoLab staff at

Keep up the great work. And thank you again for being a part of this mission to harness the world’s collective efforts to develop and share innovative climate change solutions.

All the best,
2016 Climate CoLab Judges


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