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Buildings Workspace 2016

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May 24, 2016 EDT - May 24, 2018 EDT
How can greenhouse gas emissions from the building sector be reduced?

You are invited to submit your proposal here for buildings outside of the contest period. Try out new ideas, share your work, connect with other members and recruit collaborators, and invite a global community to review and help develop your proposal. ?When new rounds of Climate CoLab contests begin, you will be able to move your proposal(s) to the relevant contest. To see previous Climate CoLab contests, see the Climate CoLab contest outline view.


2  Proposals

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Accelerated transition to high efficiency light bulbsLaur Hesse Fisher

Jan 5, 2017 Team only
High-efficiency lighting offers both a large impact (5.1 Mt CO2e in 2030) and relatively straightforward and feasible implementation.

Reduce usage of hot water for washing and cleaningManju Jammetige

Dec 6, 2016 Team only
Simple proposal to reduce energy by using cold water for washing in restrooms