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Scaling renewables in major emerging economies 2013

How can renewable technologies be rapidly deployed in the major emerging economies?

The seven leading emerging economies or E7 (China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia, Turkey) now collectively account for more carbon emissions than the leading industrial countries, or G7. This contest seeks proposals on how the E7 can rapidly scale renewable electric power generation technologies. See more…

Reduce emissions from energy supply
Other developing economies
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Self Reliance /  Team Soleilmicro

team only
AA & AAA batteries cost $300 kw/hr Our Rechargeable battery systems cost $4 per kw/hr The savings are substantial Self reliance is important
Aims to analyze economic and psychological factors and renewables' attributes to foster its diffusion and adoption in households.
team only
Run a raffle that stimulates household consumers to be more efficient users of electricity and reward them with solar panel installations.
If the G7 can show that they are doing their best for the environment, and at the same time profiting by it,the E7 might follow.