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Shifting cultures for a changing climate 2013

What can be done to shift cultural attitudes on climate change to inspire action?

With ever increasing certainty, the scientific community agrees on the causes and likely consequences of global climate change, and on the scale of response needed to guard against its risks. The public, however, in the U.S. and globally, remains deeply divided on the causes and severity of the issue and the actions required. Efforts have too rarely inspired the public to understand the personal relevance of the issue and the kinds of actions they can take. This contest seeks proposals for efforts that will shift public perception and overcome individual and institutional barriers to understand the urgency of climate change risk and to take both immediate and long-term action. See more…

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Do not look for a job, do the job that needs to get done!
Our Mission: To set up a more personal means of educating people in our local communities - Learn a little, make a change, and pass it on!
What cultural frames are used by workteams around energy conservation; does aligning conservation campaigns with such frames improve uptake?
Future proofing Living Landscape Approach: building resilient communities to sustain and restore ecosystems to adapt to changing climate
The revitalization of the world's grasslands offer a opportunity to address the imminent threat of climate change & its host of challenges.

CO2 Next /  Pro Oxygen

Make atmospheric CO2 readings ubiquitous and widely understood as a stepping stone to atmospheric stabilization and biospheric habitability.
Two-degrees-of-separation aims to encourage people to reduce their personal carbon emissions by creating reciprocal pacts between partners.
Earth system expressions for inspired collective actions

Increasing Public Awareness /  ClimateChangeToronto

Fundraising to place ads in media, in order to increase public awareness
In order to solve all of our global problems - including climate change - academia needs to devote itself to seeking and promoting wisdom.
Shift the culture of research by improving research communication and translation for policymakers and the general public
Research national climate change policy in other countries to develop a recommended public policy process for the United States.
Development of an online magazine to enable the translation of scientific issues to society, to challenge perceptions and to inspire people.
Early 1970's, a professor sent students into a city of approximately 73,000 people to ask questions and then Project Censored was born.
The world's many climate campaign leaders need to talk together and co-ordinate their efforts. We create a tool to kick-start a new unity.

Switch The Track /  GlobalTrackSwitchers

Questioning personal & authoritative mental models & frameworks to derive better solutions requires new cognitive frameworks.
Linking knowledge and action on sustainability by focusing on consumption and utilizing schools as hubs for social change on community level
When using energy (most of time uncounsciouly), people do not realize that they are actually exploring resources of the natural enviroment.
CO2 is like any human excrement. Babies catapult seaweed forest seed pods to combat ocean acidification. Games explain in all languages.
Africa contributes the least of any continent to global warming. People living on the continent are in line to be the hardest hit.[1,2]
A judgewiki is a spreadsheet which people can edit and run "what-ifs" with the same global participation as wikis of text and pictures.
Develop & implement an international digital platform connecting consumers & producers to create & anchor sustainable behaviors.
Base money on energy. People will think differently about energy, conserving and collecting energy.
Promote climate change action in the evangelical community through science, outdoors, and faith-based curriculum at summer camps.
Nature provides the energy, we provide the technology; together we can power the world.
Time to change the term. We now realize our use of fossil fuels is causing more than climate change, we are causing rapid planet change.
Assuming U.S. culture is heavily influenced by Hollywood and the Internet, we propose to influence culture through a combination of both.
In order to create real action, we need to co-opt traditionally conservative groups by disassociating the movement from the "Sierra Clubs."
Groups around the world, have implemented successful campaigns to address local issues. We want to make this information widely available!