Who are Climate CoLab Judges?

Invited by the Climate CoLab staff or contest Advisor, Judges are subject matter experts in the contest theme, and are well known for their high level of experience in their field.  They may be scientists, business executives, policy-makers, non-profit leaders, investors, or others who are able to objectively judge the feasibility, novelty and impact of a proposal. 

What do Judges do?

Judges join a contest team during the final weeks of a contest to help select the contest's most promising proposals.  This includes:

  • Reviewing a selection of submitted proposals, which typically range from 1500-3000 words in length, and providing oral or written feedback; and
  • Joining a 1-2 hour conference call with the contest team to discuss proposals and select the contest SemiFinalists, Finalists and Winner(s).

Contests have two rounds of judging, and Judges are asked to be available for 3-6 hours during each period to evaluate the proposals and join the call.


What are the benefits for Judges?

Members of the Climate CoLab community come from many different educational and other backgrounds, but all have a deep interest in what to do about climate change. As a result, the Climate CoLab is a place where real exploration and novel thinking occur.

By participating, Judges can gauge the pulse of public opinion on issues in their areas of expertise.  In the past, the community has also proven itself to be a source of novel and creative ideas for addressing climate change.  As such, Judges enjoy a unique opportunity to help steer a large, diverse online community of climate thinkers on issues of importance and relevance.


For more information

Please contact Laur Fisher.


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