What is the role of the Expert Advisory Board?

The Expert Advisory Board is a group of very widely recognized experts in various scientific and other fields related to climate change. Their primary responsibilities are to:

  • help select members of the Expert Council
  • serve as members of the Expert Council themselves, and
  • provide overall advice and guidance for the CoLab project staff about issues in their fields of expertise

How is the Expert Advisory Board selected?

Expert Advisory Board members are among the most widely recognized and respected members of their respective fields. They are selected by other members of the Expert Advisory Board working with the CoLab project staff.

Who are the current members?

The current members of the Expert Advisory Board are listed below. Other members may be added in the future.

Staff Members Portlet

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Stephen Schneider

The Climate CoLab community deeply appreciates the contributions of charter Expert Council member Stephen Schneider (1945-2010).