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Social Media Guide 

Share.  Tweet.  Post.  Vote Up.  Google +1.  Pin.  Like.  

Social media is a powerful tool, and we wanted to show you the social media pages we use, how you can link your posts to them, and what kind of activity we encourage and discourage.



Climate CoLab page: https://twitter.com/ClimateCoLab (Follow us!)   

PLEASE DO tag us @ClimateCoLab. Feel free to retweet (RT) our posts. 

PLEASE DO NOT tweet or retweet similar messages repeatedly as this can be perceived as spam.



Climate CoLab page: https://www.facebook.com/ClimateCoLab  (Like us!)

PLEASE DO tag our Climate CoLab page (@Climate CoLab). We'll be mentioning all the contests so feel free to share those posts with your networks.

PLEASE DO NOT post links to your proposal on our Climate CoLab Facebook page as a post, comment or message. As with Twitter, do not post similar messages repeatedly as this can be perceived as spam.



Climate CoLab page: http://linkd.in/13xfQ30  (Join our group!)

PLEASE DO mention the Climate CoLab in your posts and invite other LinkedIn members to join the Climate CoLab group.  We invite you to use the group to offer or make requests for collaboration, feedback or advice on Climate CoLab proposals; to ask relevant questions to the community; and to share relevant climate change news items, research, articles, events, case studies, projects and websites that may interest the group.  

PLEASE DO NOT post links to your proposal on our Climate CoLab LinkedIn page as a post or comment.  All postings of this nature will be removed.  To see the full list of what we do/do not allow, click the "Group Rules" link on the group page.



Climate CoLab profile: https://www.reddit.com/user/MIT-Climate_CoLab

PLEASE DO "vote up" other posts about proposals that you support to give them visibility on the reddit site.

As this is a site fewer people are familiar with, we recommend you read the reddit guide on self-promotion, which includes guidelines for best practice.


Climate CoLab Community Forum

Climate CoLab page:  http://climatecolab.org/discussion

PLEASE DO make requests for collaboration, feedback or advice on your Climate CoLab proposal; ask relevant questions to the community; report bugs and make suggestions to the Climate CoLab staff.  

PLEASE DO NOT post similar messages repeatedly as this can be perceived as spam.  All such posts will be removed. 


Climate CoLab Community Messaging

PLEASE DO only message Climate CoLab members on the platform for Climate CoLab related purposes (e.g. if you have been in contact with them previously, if they commented on your proposal, if they are a collaborator, if they referenced your proposal in their proposal, etc.).

PLEASE DO NOT send mass messages to Climate CoLab members that you do not know or that have not supported your proposal, asking them to vote for your proposal. 


Share Buttons on the Climate CoLab Site

Click this button on a contest or proposal page to receive emails about all contest and proposal activity, such as votes, "supports" and new comments.

Use these shortcuts on a proposal's page to share the proposal via Facebook, Twitter and email.




Please Note

We will be highlighting individual Finalist proposals through social media and will make every attempt to make sure each proposal is recognized equally; however, we cannot guarantee the timing or content of our posts on any of our platforms.  The Climate CoLab holds no responsibility for member-generated content that is posted or rejected on any sites.  The Climate CoLab does not offer specific social media recommendations or advice.


Social Network Prize

Inspired by the MIT Red Balloon Challenge, the Climate CoLab Social Network Prize motivates members to spread the word about the Climate CoLab- not only to friends who might have ideas themselves, but also to friends who might know others with great ideas, too.

Earlier this year, the Climate CoLab offered to give away up to $2000 to someone who helped spread the word about the contests, by referring the Grand Prize winner to our site. The Social Network Prize works by providing a unique link to each person that signs up, for users to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, or over email.

As the spring 2016 contest cycle is now closed for entries, the Social Network Prize is no longer available. We will announce the recipient(s) in the Fall, if someone referred the Grand Prize Winner to the Climate CoLab through their unique social network web link.

Thank you for your support, and helping spreading the word about the Climate CoLab!