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2014 contests #

The 2014 round of Climate CoLab activities continued in the same vein as the 2012-13 round, with a group of contests on multiple sub-problems. In addition, the 2014 round will include a global contest that invites members to develop integrated proposals that bring together multiple proposals from other contests into a coherent plan for the world as a whole.   

2012-13 contests #

In 2012, the Climate CoLab launched a series of contests on various sub-aspects of the overarching problem of climate change.

2011 contest #

The 2011 contest posed the question:
How should the 21st century economy evolve, bearing in mind the risks of climate change?
\Members of the Climate CoLab community can submit two kinds of proposals in the contest:

You can learn more about the contest at:

2010 and 2009 contests #

The issue addressed in the 2010 contest was:
What international climate agreements should the world community make?

In 2009, soon after the launch of the Climate CoLab, a trial contest was run.

It addressed the question:
What agreement should be reached at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen?

Climate CoLab contests #

In Climate CoLab contests, individual members of the Climate CoLab community or teams of members create proposals for what to do about climate change, with a particular aspect of the problem being addressed each year.

A combination of expert judges and members of the Climate CoLab community select the winning proposals.

The winning proposals will be presented to a variety of policy makers, as well as executives, investors, officials at non-profits, and researchers with expertise in the field. They are also made available to members of the Climate CoLab community by being posted prominently on the site.

For more on how contests are structured, see the main Contests page.