Who are Climate CoLab Fellows?

Fellows are passionate and committed volunteers who are eager to find new, creative solutions to a climate change challenge. They may be postdoctoral fellows or graduate students, staff members in organizations or companies, or committed citizens with knowledge of and interest in climate change-related issues.


What do Climate CoLab Fellows do?

Fellows work in small teams on one particular contest on the Climate CoLab, coordinating and helping shape their contest's focus, activity and logistics. They utilize their knowledge and interests, serving as point-persons between the Climate CoLab team, high-level Advisors and Judges, peers in the climate change community, and contest entrants. A Fellow can expect to:

  • Work with the contest Advisors to define the contest focus and write the background materials;
  • Reach out to organizations, companies, networks, and other relevant groups or individuals to promote the contest;
  • Discuss the proposals with the Advisors and post comments to help guide proposal authors;
  • Pre-screen proposals for the Judges, facilitate the judging conference calls to select finalists and winners, and accumulate and post the Judges' comments;
  • Work with the Advisors to communicate results to relevant organizations and individuals who are in a position to implement the winning proposals;
  • Be in close communication with Climate CoLab staff.


What is the time commitment for Fellows?

Fellows are expected to spend 5-7 hours during the three weeks before the contest preparing the contest materials as well as during the two evaluation periods, and then 1-2 hours per week on average over the course of the contest. The workload may be lighter while contests are ongoing and heavier around key milestones, such as launch, quarterly review, judging, and post-contest outreach to stakeholders.


What are the benefits for Fellows?

Fellows explore in depth climate change issues that are of interest to them, form connections with citizens, experts, and organizations engaged around those issues, and contribute to a highly innovative approach for addressing global climate change.

By acting as a liaison between the contest Advisor(s) and the community, Fellows also have an opportunity to work directly with one or more respected experts who have deep expertise in fields related to climate change.

And as more contests are launched on the Climate CoLab, Fellows will have an opportunity to interact with their fellow Fellows, a community of like-minded peers.

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