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Transportation 2016

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08/01/16 12:00 EDT
What initiatives, policies and technologies can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector?

Transportation contributes about 5% to gross domestic product and is an enabler of the global, connected economy. However, the increase in activity has caused energy demand to rise, and due to this sector’s oil dependence, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to increase.  Transportation sector GHG emissions are growing at the highest rate among those from all end-use sectors. Globally, transportation currently accounts for about 25% of energy use related CO2 emissions and around 60% of those emissions are coming from road transport.

This contest seeks proposals that offer innovative ideas, or build upon existing ones, to significantly reduce GHG emissions in transportation around the world.


5  Proposals

Proposal nameAuthor(s)ModifiedContributors

Mini Elevated cTrains (caterpillar trains)Emil Jacob and 1 other

7/24/17 Team only
A comprehensive solution-mass transit for all: MINI ELEVATED cTrains: seating room only - minimal height-width-length - visibly acceptable.

External Combustion, Closed loop Steam EngineKevin Vonmoses

6/15/16 Team only
Cars, trucks, busses could reduce total combustion by 90%

The Roller-coaster ("Rampways") : The Perfect Transportation SystemHugh Loebner

6/15/16 Team only
Roller-coasters (Rampways): The optimal transport system. Roll down-no motors; roll up-no brakes & energy captured. The Hyperloop is toast!

Blast from the Past: A Water-Powered Acetylene EngineBlast from the Past

6/15/16 Team only
A refreshing new way to reactivate an old technology while enabling CO2 capture within cars.

Reducing non-exhaust pollution from transportation.Filip Za???ny

5/19/16 Team only
Reducing non-exhaust pollution from transportation is another step in vehicles sustainability.