Vanessa Miler


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Hi. Welcome to MIT Climate CoLab. Thanks for the proposal. Any details would help get traction. 

Parag Gupta


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Hello!  I'm Parag Gupta, an MIT Climate CoLab Catalyst.  Please do fill out the remainder of your proposal as soon as possible if you are interested in obtaining feedback.  Thanks!

Emil Jacob


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Hi Parag,

Looks like I'm late to add the remainder of the details. In case anyone would like to take a look I am including a brief overview below.

The cTain (caterpillar train) concept provides solutions to impediments that have stopped  elevated mass transit from providing a comprehensive solution to public transport to date.

The cTrain will be presented  in July at the 14th World Conference on Transport Research in Shanghai showing that the cTrain design and technology can bring a new dawn to mass transit solving all challenges from cost to accessibility, frequency, speed, comfort, as well as energy.  More details in articles below and at our website



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