Ashley Pilipiszyn


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Hi Climate Smart! Fantastic proposal and prototype! I think you rasie a very salient issue about the emissions from business in an urban area. One quick point of clarification - the emissions you are measuring from these business, are they the emissions generated "in house," such as heating, cooling, electricity, etc. or this is also inclusive of emissions generated throughout a supply chain that cross borders and countries depending on export? For example, in Geneva Switzerland, you have many oil and gas companies, but their emissions from their one office in Geneva is quite low, whereas their overall emissions are huge globally. Well done and looking forward to seeing this dashboard evolve! 

Ana Lukyanova


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Hi Ashley,

Thanks so much for your comment and for supporting our proposal!

To answer your question, the dashboard is currently focused on the business emissions within the city boundary. It doesn't include supply chain. This is a neat idea though and something we could incorporate going forward as an additional feature.

Thanks again!


Thomas Simon


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Hello I would like to partner - see

Lewoye Bantie


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hello your idea is great i admire you to continue on your work

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