We should condense atmospheric carbon into diamond then use it in construction. We could enter the diamond age and control atmospheric CO2.



There already exist methods of producing industrial diamond at small scales.  I suggest we increase the scale of industrial diamond production and turn it into a construction material, like steel or wood.  Diamond buildings would sequester lots of carbon while simultaneously launching our civilization into a new era - the Diamond Age.  We don't have to regress, we don't have to conserve, we don't have to beat our heads against a brick wall, we can have our cake and eat it too!

Lets build all of our stuff - furniture, houses, skyscrapers, cars, boats, trains, telephone poles - out of diamond.  Lets gain control over atmospheric CO2 levels in the most progressive way possible - by creating an entirely new building material and satisfying our imaginations.  Lets stop feeling like the world of today is the end all and be all of existence.

What are the key outcomes and impact of your solution?

Outcomes - launching an entire industry, destroying the diamond market, reducing atmospheric CO2 levels, gaining control over atmospheric CO2 levels, creating something the world has never seen before, creating mass quantities of a valuable resource.

What actions do you propose to realize your stated goals?

I have no idea.  I really don't.  I'm just tired of Diamond Sequestration never, ever, ever being mentioned in these supposedly "innovative" competitions.  It's always the same exact plan - oh lets stop using fossil fuel, lets build more solar, lets make hydro.  That's great guys, but you do know that you're just staving off disaster for a generation right?  You're acting like bacteria in a petri dish that has run out of glucose.  Population will stagnate, then decline inexorably to the end of the world.  Stop it with these old failing miserable conservative ideas about how to solve climate change.

Who will take these actions?

People other than me.  I'm a microbiologist.  I mean I guess I could learn about chemical deposition methods but I'm not that great at industrial chemistry.

Target geography

Everyone, everywhere.

What do you expect are the costs associated with piloting and implementing the solution, and what is your business model?

I have no idea.


Not a clue.

Related solutions

I have seen zero related solutions to diamond sequestration.  None.  None of these fools have any imagination!


I looked up chemical deposition methods on wikipedia once when I was bored.

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Diamond - sequestering carbon in a high value product for construction
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By:  PipeDream
Challenge: Fuel: Carbon Contributions 2017
How can individuals and corporations manage and reduce their carbon contributions?