Wind energy is hugely available on sea but not tapped as per its potential. This can be done by this idea.



  1. This is simple idea. Create a floating platform by using network of hollow pipes & additional floater attached at the nodes
  2. This can create huge floating platform with wind mills at every nodes on the sea.
  3. If thousand such farms are created on the sea. This idea has power to generate complete electricity require to whole world.
  4. This will completely reduce carbon emission of world happen due to electricity generation. 
  5. Square shape or triangular shape or other shape floating platforms can float on sea & generate thousand mega watt of energy.
  6. Area available for this wind farm is huge & can be use without disturbing any human population.
  7. So, social effect of this project is very positive.
  8. As this farm is spread on sea & center of gravity of this whole structure is comparatively at lower side, this structure is very stable. This structure can not be get overturn easily.
  9. As this wind mills blades create some air turbulence on sea surface more carbon-dia-oxide from atmosphere get directly mixed in the sea water. This directly reduces CO2 from atmosphere.
  10. If sufficient electricity is generated by floating wind mills farms then requirements of atomic energy power plant in world will reduces to zero. This will stop the long term problem of radio active nuclear waste.
  11. This solution has only benefits without any problem. It reduces CO2 produce due to burning of carbon in world.

What are the key outcomes and impact of your solution?

  1. This will create clean world. Where complete electric energy  of world can be generated by floating wind farms on the sea. This area has no limit as very large area is available on the sea.
  2. This will reduce the carbon emission of the world.
  3. This is very simple idea & all technology are already available.
  4. Land is not require. So, social impact is very good. There is only benefit to society.

What actions do you propose to realize your stated goals?

  1. All nations will create such floating wind farms on the sea. So, every people in the world will get clean energy.

Who will take these actions?

All nations & big companies can develop this idea collectively & independently. I will give all my help to fulfill this novel idea.

Target geography

All world will get benefit from this idea. 

What do you expect are the costs associated with piloting and implementing the solution, and what is your business model?

Cost is less as huge benefit is consider. I have not consider cost yet as small floating model is created at home only by me. I have to create one proto type model floating on some lake then money calculation is done in detail. 


Proto-type can be develop in 6-12 month & idea can be implemented in 2 years.

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Idea is very simple. So, no need to have special paper or link. 

For my other research papers, poems & book  referwww.maheshkhati.com 


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