Create new measurements of temperature, length and mass based on CO2.



1. We use constants to get energy from the space. We use our physiology for arithmetic. We use arithmetic to measure the rotation of our planet. We use measurement of water for physics. We use periodic table of elements to produce materials. Our calculations are based on greed. And so we use term "Physical reality". And so we can not hear nature. To rectify this we should change our absolute constants to relative. And make universe static. Then we can freeze our minds and greed.

2 Our constants are based on rotation of our planet, water, carbon and our physiology. Create new measurements based on CO2.

3. Our universe is one unit which constantly changes. Time moves forward and events backwards. Make universe as static and physical constants as relative.

4. Measure spots of human activity in relation of movement of planets. Changing constants will condense waves of CO2 in the air.

5 Create a building with ventilation, changing acoustic resistance and colors. Building release memory of past events which trapped CO2. This building sucks condensed waves of CO2 and changes heat of desires into diamond and greed into contentment and generosity.

6. Observe and measure generation of electric field supplied to this building. Adjust virtual measurements of electricity to lower or raise the temperature of air in the vicinity.

What are the key outcomes and impact of your solution?

We will connect formation, extraction, distribution, consumption of carbohydrates and CO2 emitting, create waves, condense these waves and trap them into solid form by sucking heat from surroundings. We measure time in history by measuring carbon isotopes. So we know the rate of formation and movement of planets in the solar system. We can calculate the rate and directions, position of sun and moon with the movement of carbohydrates and CO2 emitting and so we can create opposite whirlpool on the spot which sucks CO2 aligned with the planets of the solar system. Gravity of the planets aligned with the observation of the economy and CO2 formation will intensify waves and new solid Carbon i.e. diamond will be formed.

What actions do you propose to realize your stated goals?

Create a scale based on CO2 i.e. solid state is below 0 degrees temperature, from 0 to 100 degrees liquid state, and above 100 degrees gas state. Measure the temperature of 1 degree.

Mole is based on Carbon i.e. 1 mole of Carbon weights 0,0012011 g. 1 mole consists of 6,0221367×10^23  atoms. 1 meter is the distance of 1/299792458 of light traveling 1 second. 1 Rotation of our planet around it's axis is 24 * 60 * 60 seconds. 1 m3 of water = 1 000 kg. mass of 1 mole of H2O is equal: 1 mole of Oxygen weights 15.999 g. 1 mole of Hydrogen weights 1,008 g. So 1 m3 of water consists of 1 000 000/18.015 = 5550.92978 mole.

CO2 consists of Carbon 12.011 gram and 2 atoms of Oxygen 15.999*2=31.998 gram. Mass of 1 mole of CO2 is 44.009 grams. Measure the one side of cube of CO2 weighting 5550.92978 mole 0 degrees of CO2 scale of temperature. This would be new unit of length measurement for emitting of CO2. The weight of 1/9/9/9 of cube of CO2 would be new unit of mass for emitting of CO2.

Measure the weight of cube of 5550.92978 mole of CO2. Divide it by 1/8/8/8. This would be new unit of weight for sucking of CO2. One side of cube such cube would be new unit of length measurement to suck CO2.

Create new measurement of time. Divide one year of our planet into 360 days divided into 24 * 60 * 60 seconds. This would be new duration of time measurement of CO2 emitting. Recalculate the speed of wind carrying CO2. Use current duration of 1 second to measure wind which carry CO2 to hall that sucks CO2.

8*9*10=1*2*3*4*5*6=720 = (24+24+24)*10 = (36 + 36) * 10= (1*2*3*4 + 1*2*3*4 + 1*2*3*4) * (1+2+3+4) = (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8)+(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8)*(1+2+3+4)

720 * 120 = (1*2*3*4*5*6)*(1*2*3*4*5)=(1+2+3+4+5+6+1+2)*(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8)*(1+2+3+4)*(1+2+3+4)=24 * 3600 seconds i.e. one rotation of our planet around it's axis

Mark the places of the planet which produce CO2 on the map. Record sounds from the places of extraction of Carbohydrates and erupting volcanoes. Mark the place on the planet which sucks CO2. Show astronomical time of the places. Show the distance between center of moon and the places. Show the distance between center of sun and the places. Show the acceleration. The volume of CO2 decrease when the temperature decrease and vice versa. The volume of water increase when the temperature rises above 0 degrees Celsius and falls down below 0 degrees Celsius.

Condense CO2 by reducing amplitude of waves. Waves reduce the amplitude when the time of measurement is perfectly aligned with sun and moon. Most solid waves are sound waves. Create a hall which changes it's acoustic resistance by changing measurements from 8 * 8 to 9 * 9 to 10 * 10 and backwards of new measurements of CO2 formation and colors of external walls. The frequency of colors is derived from the sounds of extraction of carbohydrates. Calculate the free fall acceleration of the place and adjust length of meter that the value of acceleration be 9.8 m/s. Recalculate all generation and supply of electricity to this hall using new length of meter and new duration of second. Recalculate all known measurements of sensors on the planet. For this create a chip of 24 bits which by calculating all this emits such electric waves that correspond with CO2 scales of mass, length and temperature. Software on this chip observes the CO2 formation in respect of periodic table of elements. It switches duration of time, basis of length and weight.

1 Create a chip which calculates movement of planets, formation of carbohydrates, distribution in the economy and emitting of CO2. Such chip when active should produce electromagnetic waves and when inactive should produce waves of air with opposite sounds of the extraction of carbohydrates which attract CO2 i.e. heat waves in the air are opposite of heat waves of CO2. This is done by changing clock speed of the chip.

2. As we constantly produce waves in the air by breathing these waves are based on our physiology. And so we base the rotation of our planet i.e. duration of 1 second 1/(1*2*3*4)/(5*4*3)^2. We use Periodic table of elements, constants to measure space and to extract forms i.e. names (sounds) from light. We should make objects in the space as constant and change values of basic measurements.

3. Carbohydrates formed underground. They were discovered by scientists using knowledge. They carry all history of the universe from the Big Bang. Create simulation of discovery of carbohydrates from the position of every scientist who discovered the pool i.e. observe places of sleep and work. Recreate movement of planets from discovery of engine till the moment of discovery of pool in the spot on the planet. Create a map of supply of carbohydrates and enterprises producing items from carbohydrates. Observe the places items are sold or cars are filled. Create a map of places emitting CO2 and show the rate and amount.

4. Create a map with all known buildings and their premises. Measure the temperature. Recalculate as though they are filled with CO2. Show measurements of length and temperature based on CO2. Show astronomical time and moon phase.

5. Create a building which traps CO2 by condensing waves of CO2. All universe rotates around this space. Make a distance between center of this building and all known stars and planets as constants. As time from conception of building goes forward ventilate i.e. open or close windows of the building as though universe moves backwards by creating pressure from changing values of length and mass.

6. Electric field fluctuates from power stations to the building in the direction of wires at frequency N. Electric field is created by slowing down flow, emitting or absorbing heat. Recalculate virtual frequency Voltage of electric field supplying power to chip. As arithmetic is ingrained in our physiology the rhythm of our mind and breath will change to thicken waves of CO2 on the planet.

Who will take these actions?

Universities study chemistry as waves and develop system how to change our physics which is based on the constants on our planet to the changing universe i.e. movement of planets and stars. Then make universe static and press CO2 into diamond.

Governments observe all path from extraction of carbohydrates to CO2 formation and create strategies to change our measurement system from constants to static universe.

Business agree to work with relative constants and be regulated by global accountancy server.

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