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In this workspace, you can submit proposals outside of the contest periods. Proposals entered in this Workspace can be included as sub-proposals in the contests that seek climate action plans for the US, EU, China, India, Other Developed Countries, Other Developing Countries, or the World as a whole.??Try out new ideas, connect with other members, recruit collaborators, share your work, engage support, and invite a global community to review and help develop your proposal. ??When the next round of Climate CoLab contests begins, you can move your proposal from here to any relevant contest. ??All submissions are welcome: technologies, policies, products, public outreach campaigns, educational programs, community projects; new ideas or improvements on something that already exists; addressing climate change mitigation, adaptation, or geoengineering; local, regional, national, or global in scope. See the Climate CoLab taxonomy for the full scope of actions, places and actors. Read more…


4  Proposals

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Shutter-like turbine for tide or low head river hydrodynamic systemYanming Wei

5/18/17 Team only
Reciprocal turbine 10x efficient than rotary one, rectangular vanes, like lock-piston. good for any lowhead river, best microhydro solution.

Poverty and Pollution Free EcofriendlyRiceBran BiodieselMahfuja Parven

5/24/16 Team only
Transition to Low Carbon Economy

GreenCoin: Start pricing carbon without governmentsGreenCoin Team

10/5/15 Team only
A voluntary approach to pricing carbon with strong economic incentives for early adopters and no government intervention until much later

United States Clean Power PlanAnnalyn Bachmann

9/25/15 Team only
This proposal is based on the United States Clean Power Plan by the Executive Office of the President of the United States