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Replacing diesel generation 2013

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06/01/12 12:00 EDT - 06/16/13 02:59 EDT
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09/01/13 12:00 EDT
What actions and/or policies can encourage large-scale deployment of commercially viable renewable energy sources to replace stationary diesel generators?

The replacement of decentralized diesel energy generators with cleaner renewable alternatives presents an opportunity for decarbonization of a power supply that is used extensively in developing countries. This contest seeks proposals that outline actions and/or policies that can encourage such replacement. See more…


6  Proposals

Proposal nameAuthor(s)

Promoting biogas production from human waste as a renewable energy sourceOsero Shadrack

Using human waste as a resource to mitigate climate change and improve sanitation in Kenyan secondary schools.

Using Tidal Hydrokinetic Energy to Fuel the Bristol Bay Fishing FleetTodd Radenbaugh

Bristol Bay fishing villages are diesel dependent. Chilling improves commercial value of fish. Tides could sustainably meet power needs.