Conference Details for 2016 Contest Winners


Directions to the MIT campus:

Directions & Accommodations:


Winner’s Welcoming Reception: Tuesday, September 27, 6 - 8 p.m.
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Samberg Conference Center, Salon West
50 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, Massachusetts USA 02139


Crowds & Climate Conference: From Ideas to Impact, including Winner's Video Presentations
Wednesday, September 28, 9 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.  (Doors open at 8:00 AM)
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Samberg Conference Center, 50 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, Massachusetts USA 02139

* Please see the Breakout Sessions page for your specific presentation time slot, and be sure to reference the time zone conversion for virtual presentations. 

UnConference: Thursday, September 29, 9 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Samberg Conference Center, Room M & I (combined room)
50 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, Massachusetts USA 02139

Winner’s Lunch & Workshop: Thursday, September 29, 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. (Lunch included)
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Samberg Conference Center, Room M & I (combined room)
50 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, Massachusetts USA 02139

Winners' Breakout Sessions at the Conference, featuring video presentations

The core component of your winner's presentation at Crowds & Climate is a short 3-minute video pitch about your proposal. A video is mandatory for all in-person and virtual presentations. The video is your opportunity to briefly describe the interest and appeal of your proposal, and to present it in a compelling and informative way. Videos will be featured at the Crowds & Climate Conference, on the Climate CoLab website, YouTube channel, and social media feeds.

* A Powerpoint presentation is not required, as your video will serve as your primary presentation medium. * Please see the Breakout Sessions page for your specific presentation time slot. 

The format of winner’s presentations at the conference on Wednesday, September 28, in both morning and afternoon breakout sessions, will be:

Approximately 55 minute - 1 hour 15 minute sessions:
(All times approximate, and will vary depending on the number of winners' presentations in the session- typically between 2 - 4):

5 minutes       Moderated, brief intros of moderator + panelists (name, proposal title, country of origin) 
10 - 12 minutes      Video Presentation screenings (3 minutes per winner's video)
10 minutes         Moderated discussion with questions from the moderator  
10 minutes      Moderated audience Q & A  
15 minutes      Breakout groups to go in-depth for each proposal, with networking time
2 - 3 minutes


Please select 1 member of your team to serve as the representative for your team for the initial portion of the conference presentation. This team member will offer a very brief introduction on behalf of your team, be present on stage as your video presentation is shared, and be the primary respondant to moderator and audience Q & A. Other members of your team are welcome to be referred to for the audience Q & A, and all team members are encouraged to actively participate in the in-depth sub-breakout discussion for your proposal.  

Sample questions: 

  • What is the single most important thing you want people to know about your proposal?
  • What is the biggest barrier you are facing right now?
  • What do you need most to move your idea forward?

Winners’ Agenda-at-a-Glance:

Additional details about the conference agenda can be found here.

Tuesday, September 27, Evening: Winners-only Welcoming Reception
This is a chance to mix-and-mingle with other Climate CoLab winners, and meet the Climate CoLab team.

September 28: All-Day: Crowds & Climate Conference: Winner’s Presentations & Breakouts 
There will be a set of moderated breakout sessions of winner's presentations, each featuring 2 - 4 winning proposals. In these sessions, you will present your proposal via your video, and respond to moderated questions from the moderator and audience. Then we'll break-out into sub-breakouts around each proposal, to dig-in deeper, and have time for feedback and networking.  

Thursday, September 29, Morning: UnConference
In this highly interactive morning session, meet and build connections with other climate innovators. Through a facilitated "unconference", you can host or join short breakout sessions to delve deeper into topics that are of greatest relevance, interest and importance to you.

Thursday, September 29, Afternoon: Invite-only Winner’s Workshop
This half-day session is exclusively for winners, and aimed at promoting cross-learning across winners, and offering potential resources to help further your work.

Climate CoLab Winners' Program & Indiegogo Crowdfunding Page

As a Climate CoLab winner, you will join a cohort of other Climate CoLab winners from prior years. We also invite Climate CoLab winners to join Climate CoLab’s Indiegogo Partner Page, where you can post crowdfunding campaigns under Climate CoLab’s umbrella. If you have questions about the Indiegogo Crowdfunding Page, please contact Nancy Taubenslag at


We encourage you to use the hashtag #mitcc16 and tag us @ClimateCoLab when posting on social media so we can help share your success!


Contacts & Questions:

Please email to reach Jenn Perron, Community & Partnerships Manager, and Annalyn Bachmann, Project Assistant.

If you have questions about the Indiegogo Crowdfunding Page, please contact Nancy Taubenslag at



Frequently Asked Questions:


Do we need to prepare a Powerpoint presentation or other materials? 

No, your video will serve as the main component of your winner's presentation, and will be supplemented by the moderated and audience Q & A, and in-depth breakout and networking discussion. See the section above on Video Presentations for details. 

Can more than 1 team member present?
To streamline the process and presentations, we encourage teams to select 1 representative to serve as the primary presenter for the purposes of the conference, though other team members are welcome to participate actively in the Q & A portions, and in-depth breakout sessions. 

Presenting Virtually:
To present virtually, you will need a webcam, a microphone (built-in or external), reliable high-speed internet, and a Google account with Google Hangout enabled.