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U.S. Carbon Price 2014

How could a national price on carbon be implemented in the United States?

Most experts agree that placing a price on carbon pollution is one of the most effective ways to tackle climate change. A carbon price creates incentives for the development and adoption of innovative low carbon technologies and practices across the economy. This could involve a carbon tax, a cap-and-trade system, rebates, or other solutions, and could be revenue-neutral, meaning it could reduce other kinds of taxes simultaneously. Movement in this direction by the U.S. could facilitate efforts to reach a global agreement on greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Although prior efforts to pass carbon price legislation in Congress have failed, some U.S. states and regions have successfully enacted carbon pricing mechanisms. This contest asks entrants for novel policies, new mobilization strategies, or combinations of the two that could lead to the enactment of a national price on carbon emissions and/or other greenhouse gases, either through action by the U.S. Congress or otherwise. Click here for contest details.

Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Mitigation)
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Basic Carbon /  Dennis Peterson

Fund basic income with carbon fees
Carbon management in the US will require the appropriate economic incentives to enable our economy to efficiently mitigate climate change.

ClimateCoin /  Dennis Peterson

Motivate voluntary carbon offsets with cryptocurrency
Futures contract pricing for the carbon tax provides the most accurate price and would be combined with tax and investment credits.
A proposal for a monetary policy to address climate change and strengthen international cooperation.
The economy is set to inflate climate chaos. Let's switch it to pump up a climate rescue!
Use satellite GHG data to assign targets via proximity to GHG zones, and reduce price uncertainty via a well-defined cap-and-trade system.
Prove environmental laws of 19 countries are wrong . Need political actions . I hope Judges and Fellows understand scientific data
Carbon trading can be expanded to include a number of critical commodities such as freshwater,sustainable protein & carbon neg. biofuel.
Pricing carbon is a Republican idea. Democrats and environmentalists need to abandon their support, to give the GOP space to reclaim it.

Tax to Pay Externalities /  Zero Externalities

A tax on carbon emissions should match the cost to sequester the same amount of carbon, or pay more to mitigate the effects of not doing so.
This November people of faith, youth, businesses, activists, and environmentalists will join forces to call for a price on pollution.
The Climate Action Plan proposes how best to cut emissions locally (in this case in the U.S.), as part of Sam Carana's wider Climate Plan
Tax the coal, oil, power companies but give it back to them if they build solar or wind projects locally
The Climate Action Plan proposes how best to cut emissions locally (in this case in the U.S.), as part of Sam Carana's wider Climate Plan
The Carbon Business Opportunity advances conservative principles for free-market individual and government responsibility.
If firms and households can show that they measurably reduced carbon emissions during the year, they do not pay a carbon tax.
A cap-and-dividend scheme that would limit carbon emissions and put money in the pockets of citizens
Efforts on passing a Carbon Tax should focus on states to demonstrate effective political change similar Gay Rights and Marijuana policy.

Carbon Dividend /  Carbon Dividend team

The fossil fuel tax revenues that today put government in conflict of interest, divided equally among the citizens, would end this conflict.