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2014 Proposal Workspace

What actions should be taken to address climate change?

In this workspace, you can submit your proposal on what you think should be done to address global climate change. Try out new ideas, connect with other members, recruit collaborators, share your work, engage support, and invite a global community to review and help develop your proposal.
This is just to get you started. When we release the 2014 round of Climate CoLab contests, you will be able to move your proposals from here to any relevant contest.
All submissions are welcome: technologies, policies, products, public outreach campaigns, educational programs, economic models, community projects; new ideas or improvements on something that already exists; addressing climate change mitigation, adaptation, or geoengineering; local, regional, national, or global in scope. See the What, Where, Who taxonomy for the full scope of actions, places and actors related to addressing climate change. Read more…


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The QZE is the alteration of the progression of time as a result of the rate of observation. Relativity demands a curvature of space.
team only
This is a worst case scenario. You could freeze people in glaciers at zero energy and revive them when the technology becomes reliable.

. . . Fcracking I-C-E . . . /  Johnnie Buttram

team only
Fcracking I-C-E is proactive innovation to increase profits for shipping, decrease costs to consumers, and reduce harmful emissions.
Implement a quality seal for long-lasting products to give transparency and a competitive advantage over planned obsolescence products.
Individual renewable energy sources productivity is subjected to Nature. To achieve control, there must b convergence in Renewable Energy.
Many have heard,few have acted. We must protect ourselves from the danger that is forming right in front of our eyes. #protect #fight #live

Crowdsourced Technology Prizes /  Dennis Peterson

team only
Multiply prizes for breakthrough technologies by betting against them.
Multiple disciplines of the life sciences are being negatively affected by global warming. Our media messages need to reflect that.
I will pull together a global network of passionate conservationists to chronicle their restoration efforts.
team only
A gradually increasing tax on carbon-based fuels (at the mine, well, or port of entry); all revenues returned to households as a dividend.
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One sure way to solve the climate change problem is to solve the world's energy problems. I've developed a system of logic to do just that.

The Calorie Currency /  S. Hesse + S. Pobst

team only
Report and disclose embodied energy in all products from food to building materials using a familiar human-scale unit - the calorie.