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In this workspace, you can submit proposals outside of the contest periods on what actions should be taken to address global climate change.

Try out new ideas, connect with other members, recruit collaborators, share your work, engage support, and invite a global community to review and help develop your proposal. You can also enter proposals here that can be linked to in the Global Plan contest.

When we release the next round of Climate CoLab contests, you can move your proposal from here to any relevant contest.

All submissions are welcome: technologies, policies, products, public outreach campaigns, educational programs, community projects; new ideas or improvements on something that already exists; addressing climate change mitigation, adaptation, or geoengineering; local, regional, national, or global in scope. See the Climate CoLab taxonomy for the full scope of actions, places and actors related to addressing climate change. Read more…

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The aim is clear; to end up with some kind of a socio economic model, ready to face the challenges of today and that of tomorrow.
We always destroy ecosystems when we build a construction , after we finished , laws , everybody forget to restore lost ecosystems .
Organic Treatment to handle plastic waste, and create alternate fuel
Algae Frame to handle Global Warming. This differs from other approaches,its simple and more efficient but requires government support.

Climate Leave /  Renanne

team only
A climate leave is the employee’s time off from work in an organization to care for the Earth through involvement in environmental projects.

GIFT ECONOMY INC. /  Gift circles Cph

team only
We support a world in which sharing and gifting replaces the current economic system, where loving and caring are the exchange currencies.
CO2 may be provisionally sequestrated as gas blanket in fuels storage tanks to serv as raw material for further uses to fix it.
CO2 may be provisionally sequestrated as gas blanket in fuels storage tanks to serv as raw material for further uses to fix it.

. . . CLOUDTEC (2015) . . . /  Johnnie Buttram

team only
The pain and suffering of drought and water shortages will create forced migration that leads to you and me. CLOUDTEC (2015) IS ESSENTIAL!
Establish new financial instrument to help developing countries phase out fossil fuel subsidies.
Vivergy is a free web platform that allows individuals to visualize their impact on local health, and improve local air quality.
Collect fruit seeds with students help grow fruit trees everywhere, distribute fruits free, with request to save seeds & reuse next year
The Intergovermental Marine Bioenergy with Carbon Sequestration (IMBECS) Protocol Addresses Multiple GHG Issues via Carbon Negative Fuels.

Prefigurative Disaster Organizing /  The Collective Story

team only
In times of disaster communities organize based on mutual aid. Lets organize for mutual aid first to prefigure a world without disaster.
"Seeking the sustainability that may be found in uncharted waters!"
team only
a relevant, timeless multifunctional element that can help realize many functions in any interior.
2015, Climate CoLab drops to one category requesting one integrated and interdisciplinary solution for several global issues.
Our D_City report and network concept diagram promote delivery options for the global Earth observation system of systems (GEOSS) project.
Using carbon dioxide made by a vehicle to produce fuel that powers a vehicle so that carbon dioxide is not released back into the air.


team only
ila is a multi-functional element that covers many function into a home. With the use of ecoboard it has a NEGATIVE carbon footprint.


team only
box: a relevant, timeless multifunctional element that can help realize many functions in any interior.
Energy efficient homes are unaffordable with conventional bank financing. Locally issued inflation indexed bonds will make them affordable.
Proposes minor adjustments to the terraform of the Arctic ocean, its impact would have significant economic and environmental benefits
Ecological & Economic KEYS to GHG balance, quick scale productivity, resiliency, food security, water availability, energy supply and income
Planification for cooperative of respectful members to subsidise design, fabrication and commerce of Respect Of Speed Efficient (ROSE) cars.
Clean electricty from renewable sources should be bought by the local utility provider at the same,(retail rate)as it is sold.
Countries like US and China are taking more energy yearly compared to Denmark, U.K.etc. for a product manufacturing or service extending.
Go back to the Nature and try to learn to adapt! Create a holistic ecological system that will sustain and you can also survive within it.
team only
Right now we all have our own mowers, bbq sets and gardening tools, why not create a public shed where every tool is around for each street?

Crowdsourced Technology Prizes /  Dennis Peterson

team only
Multiply prizes for breakthrough technologies by betting against them.
The QZE is the alteration of the progression of time as a result of the rate of observation. Relativity demands a curvature of space.
team only
This is a worst case scenario. You could freeze people in glaciers at zero energy and revive them when the technology becomes reliable.
Implement a quality seal for long-lasting products to give transparency and a competitive advantage over planned obsolescence products.
Individual renewable energy sources productivity is subjected to Nature. To achieve control, there must b convergence in Renewable Energy.
Many have heard,few have acted. We must protect ourselves from the danger that is forming right in front of our eyes. #protect #fight #live
Multiple disciplines of the life sciences are being negatively affected by global warming. Our media messages need to reflect that.
I will pull together a global network of passionate conservationists to chronicle their restoration efforts.
team only
A gradually increasing tax on carbon-based fuels (at the mine, well, or port of entry); all revenues returned to households as a dividend.
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One sure way to solve the climate change problem is to solve the world's energy problems. I've developed a system of logic to do just that.