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Welcome to the MIT Climate CoLab


In the MIT Climate CoLab, you can work with people from all over the world to develop ideas for what we should do about climate change. Become a Member (its free!) and you can submit a proposal in one of over a dozen contests on topics like Transportation and Shifting behavior for a changing climate.  The creators of the winning proposals will be invited to present their ideas before investors and business, industry, and government leaders at a conference at MIT this fall, and the creators of the top-ranked proposal will also share a Grand Prize of $10,000.  But that's not all!  Just by spreading word of the contest you can win a share of the $2,000 Social Network Prize.  If you share the contest with someone who wins the $10,000 Grand Prize then you'll win $1,000, and you'll win money even if the winner is over 6 degrees of separation from you! See how it works

1. Simply enter your e-mail address in the field below, and we'll give you a unique link (do NOT simply copy and paste the URL of this webpage or we won't know how to pay you)

2.  Share that link with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, or other social media.

3.  You win $1,000 if one of your friends wins the $10,000 Grand Prize, $500 if a friend of a friend wins, $250 if a friend of a friend of a friend wins, $125 if a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend wins, and so on, so share widely!

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