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Anticipating Climate Hazards

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How can vulnerable communities best prepare for climate-related hazards, and what new tools can be used to incentivize early action?

In collaboration with the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Resilience Initiative: Anticipate, Absorb, Reshape (A2R), this contest invites solutions on how the world should prepare and respond to climate extremes and climate hazards. A2R is a global, multi-stakeholder initiative, launched in November 2015 to accelerate action on the ground to enhance climate resilience for the most vulnerable countries and people by 2020. 

Building resilience and capacity to understand and effectively respond to climate extremes and climate-induced disasters is necessary to adapt to climate change. A first step is to increase the ability to adequately anticipate and respond to climate hazards and extremes. There are many actors working on building climate resilience, including national governments, UN agencies and other international organizations, local authorities, researchers, the private sector, and civil society, among others. Many of these actions must be scaled-up, reinforcing synergies and reducing overlaps, while ensuring that together, these different actions are having the positive impacts needed. 

We are calling for a wide range of innovative and practical solutions – on the local, national and international levels – that can help strengthen early action in vulnerable communities around the world.


41 Proposals

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Saving Now For Future Seasonsjoseph5chepsoi

9/22/16 Team only

End Global Warming & Climate Change Nowclifftrobot

9/22/16 Team only
Remove all CO2 added to the air since the Industrial Revolution, in 1-10 years using a forest of synthetic trees

Energy Conversion System for Ocean Wavesrohan9603

9/22/16 Team only
Harvesting Wave energy with very slimpler mechanism yet low cost design=Practical for real world.

Atheists, LGBTQ &; Minority Support / Exxon Mobile Stocks Give-Away Site + APPGreen-Diversity

9/22/16 Team only
Questions: What will you do IF Tomorrow when nearly your entire City begins to flood, or gets destroyed by Storms?

Building resilience to storms, coastal erosion in Cu Lao Cham - Hoi An, Vietnamanthinhhus

9/22/16 Team only

AirBilly BAG.cctv24

9/22/16 Team only
It’s in the Bag! A Simple, Energy Saving Cooking Idea.

A Malthusian Approach to Resource Conservation and Environmental Protectionbambino3693

11/1/16 Team only
What if society could calculate the optimal population size in order to limit resource depletion and environmental degredation?

Troubled Waters: a crowdsourcing game created to improve water resources.Portia2

11/1/16 Team only
Troubled Waters is a crowdsourcing game aimed at developing methods for alleviating wide-ranging severe water stress now and in the future.

The Future with Little or no harm form the enviromentBetter climate

10/4/16 Team only
Taggling climate change now. implementation of strategies to bring about a better enviromental contions

Look at everything as waves. Create waves locally to mitigate weather globallydeivisbluz

10/26/16 Team only
Every item in a building has come from direction and creates a whirlpool. When the extreme weather aproaches create oposite whirlpool.

One Day One Tree: An Endless Mission to Protect The Future GenerationsShailesh1497

12/23/16 Team only
Tomorrow never comes..... Let us plant one tree today to seek blessings of mother earth for our future generations....

School discipline dedicated to environmental education and sustainable.Gamboa

11/6/16 Team only
Development of school discipline dedicated to environmental education based on the concept of sustainability.

Cassava-nol for Clean Cookingafrica4green

12/24/16 Team only
Cassava-nol to tackle deforestation, build community resilience to droughts and floods and support secure access to clean technology.

Providing Support Through a Network of Resilient Community Hubsandreschang

1/12/17 Team only
A GIS toolset is used to evaluate the best combination of hubs (ie schools, etc.) to be designated as storm response centers.

Early Warning Systems and Flood Disaster Management using Mobile CrowdsourcingDisaster Nepal

1/24/17 Team only
Proposal intends to develop mobile platform that will allow users to report information about unfolding flood disaster using mobile devices.

How to Reduce plastics from plastic dependent humanity.zamahornet

1/15/17 Team only
Almost 30 to 40 year ago in pakistan People use to carry their own bags to market made of cloth or organic material like date tree skin.

Planetary Emissions Early Warning & Financial Management (Insurance) SystemGaia Monitor

1/22/17 Team only
early warning system anticipates climate hazards, absorbs shocks in most-vulnerable communities & reshapes mitigation/adaptation landscape

Zoning of agricultural productive ability and determination of risk indexFUDESEM-ANDINO

1/17/17 Team only
Agricultural producers in the central high plateau of Bolivia sow according to the type of soil, preventing risk indexes

Stay-Green Plants against High TemperaturesMuhammad

1/18/17 Team only

Human Nature, With Help, Will Solve The Problemwokwill

1/24/17 Team only
Social engineering will give the economic stimulus to modify behavior and create workable solutions.

Future Vision: educational data collection for community resiliencejhoffman

1/24/17 Team only
Future Vision is furniture for transit hubs that increases community resilience by spreading information & enhancing civic connections.

Reducing the gap between carbon markets and the private financial sectorddleon2002

1/22/17 Team only
Promote forest restoration and reduce extreme poverty by facilitating the private financial sector to participate in the carbon markets

Intensive Phytoremediation at River banks to diminish pollution on water bodiesraulc77

1/23/17 Team only

Turning Waste into Proteingrahamk

9/22/16 Team only
Millions of people in developing countries lack protein. Organic waste can be turned into high grade animal feed with BS fly larvae.

. . Reducing the Impacts of 65 Million Refugees!Johnnie Buttram

1/6/17 Team only
SNE cools, removes CO2 and ocean acidity, reduces coastal flooding, and creates safe zones without adding a Carbon Tax Burden on the poor!

Center for Citizens Climate ActionUnited For Progress

9/22/16 Team only
What is great for big business is not for everyone. We will work to educate, equip and mobilize the general public to act on Climate Change.

UN/EU: Marine Hyperloops for Humanity, the Environment, and ProfitsiWENN

9/22/16 Team only
Hyperloops for Humanity, the Environment, and Profits: A Mediterranean Marine Hyperloop/Refugee/Environmental Collaborative Proposal

Mini Elevated GREEN TRAINS - preparing for flooded subways in coastal citiesterrautopia and 1 other

1/19/17 Team only
MINI ELEVATED GREEN-POWERED TRAINS - reducing vulnerablity of public transit to flooding & a comprehensive solution to urban mobility.

Environmental Protection and Economic AugmentationBen7235

11/1/16 Team only
What if young students today could have a free social security pensions for free tomorrow by planting trees?

More photovoltaic panels - less sunlight on the ground - less Earthfind the formula

11/1/16 Team only

Disseminating/alerting members on effects that are Environmentally generatedCHANELIVESNOWAFRICA

10/13/16 Team only
Using the briquettes in cooking that are environmentlly friendly that using the charcaol that leads to defforestation hence global warming

Climate hazard due to contamination of water by heavy metals by any disaster.zariya

10/15/16 Team only
Asthe globalconcept is of low carbon and sustainablity in future solid state reactors may come into existance there may be a disaster

Who We Are As Innovators . .Johnnie-Buttram

12/7/16 Team only
An innovator has the skills to expand parameters and the resilience to cope and move forward when confronted with what others term failure.

A2R via Oceanic Resources Conservation/Adaptation (ORCA) Sea Farming CommunitiesORCA

1/6/17 Team only
A marine centric multidisplinary approach to anticipating climate change induced hazards, absorbing shocks, and reshaping development.


12/31/16 Team only
A technology to convert waste smartphones into intelligent machines to collect,analyse and predict climate hazards & provide rapid response.

Document Identification and Protection as a Flood Risk Reduction MultiplierCraigKelley and 1 other

1/23/17 Team only
Individual and community resiliency improves with post-disaster access to crucial documents, which this program will identify and safeguard.

UN Oceanic Resources Conservation and Adaptation Platforms (O.R.C.A. Cities)ORCA

9/22/16 Team only
The marine space offers the least complex starting point for addressing A2R needs for effective-profitable-intergrated socioeco solutions.

Linking Climate Information to Livelihood Strategies through ICTsAlmaz

1/11/17 Anyone
Empowering the rural women by linking climate information to livelihood strategies through Information Communication Technologies

Assessment and Mitigation of Environmental Impacts of Brick Kilns in PakistanDr.Shah & Dr.Irfan

1/21/17 Team only
Impacts of Brick Kilns on Natural and Social Environment creating Climate change and its Mitigation measures in Pakistan


1/20/17 Team only
This proposal intends to preserve rivers through the collaborated efforts of engineers, politicians and local stakeholders.

Problematic Marine Protected Area, Coastal Zone Afforestationmarcky

1/18/17 Team only
Dilemma changes in coastal zone due to climate change phenomenon drastically affect the marine resources and stakeholders of the community.