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Waste Management

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08/01/16 EDT
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What initiatives, policies and technologies can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from waste and waste management?

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, post-consumer waste contributes approximately 3% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, primarily from the disposal of solid waste through landfills and incineration, and of liquid waste through sewage treatment. Industrial and waste/wastewater greenhouse gas emissions have doubled since 1970. This contest seeks proposals that can significantly contribute to reducing  emissions at any scale (i.e., household through international levels), and from any aspect of waste and waste management.

30 Proposals

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School Cafeterias Harbor Opportunities for Food Waste AlleviationCore Shift

5/24/16 team only
Through our efforts of regulating food waste in schools we can help overcome methane's impact on climate change!

Food Waste from Community/ Wedding Halls in India for Biogas production.bzinzarde11

5/24/16 team only
During the marriage ceremony in India a lot of food is wasted. This food can be used to supply energy for the locality.

An information service that connects communities to their local scrap-dealerKabadiwalla Connect

5/23/16 team only
To use IT to leverage the circuits of the existing informal waste ecosystem to send less recyclable waste to the landfill in Indian cities.

Sinba: Transforming organic waste into regenerative agricultureSinba

5/23/16 team only
Social enterprise that collects organic waste from food businesses and transforms it into high quality inputs for use at the Sinba Farm.

Circular Textiles Close the LoopREvolve

5/23/16 team only
Our model for closed loop textiles reduces the impact of the apparel industry and brings new opportunities to emerging markets

Food Recovery Network: Fighting Waste, Feeding PeopleFoodRecoveryNetwork

5/23/16 team only
Food Recovery Network: a student-driven grassroots movement promoting food recovery, a simple, sustainable solution to food waste and hunger

EcoHub: A Zero-Waste Eco-Industrial Park diverts 95% of material from landfillsecohub

5/23/16 team only
EcoHub: a 21st Century approach to waste that recognizes that ALL discarded materials have value. Waste is separated & reprocessed on site.

Healthy environment through biological and clinical waste managementNAYS Biosafety

5/23/16 team only
Clinical and biological waste management is a huge problem in Pakistan which need immediate attention and concrete steps to solve problem

Hydrogasification plus NH3 Synthesis: MSW Elimination to Carbon Free Fuel.bruce3121

5/23/16 team only
Hydrogasification turns MSW into H2, CO2, H2O, and minerals. H2 goes to NH3 (carbon free fuel). All marketable, sequester CO2, no landfills.

SWEEP Standard-Solid Waste Environmental Excellence Protocol: LEED for MSWsweepstandard and 4 others

5/23/16 team only
SWEEP-the Solid Waste Environmental Excellence Protocol-is a voluntary performance standard for Municipalities and the Solid Waste Industry.

Waste into Abundance - Capture lost foods via smart dehydration technologies!Cornucopia Group

5/23/16 team only
If integrated into a country ranking of top CO2 emitters, FOOD WASTAGE would appear 3rd, after the USA and China. We seek to mitigate that!

software simulating disposal and collection of wastedeivisbluz

5/23/16 anyone
Software monitoring waste collection. Software chooses the route for waste collecting vehicle in which order empty containers to affect town

Turning Plastic Trash to Affordable School Desksjohn3

5/23/16 team only
The innovation addresses deforestation and plastic waste challenges as an opportunity to manufacture school desks from recycled plastic.

Conscious textile reverse LogisticsRetalhar

5/23/16 team only
Retalhar is a social business that promotes reverse logistics of corporate uniforms by disposing it in a socio-environmental friendly way.

Tycycler: An intuitive, non-motorized & affordable tire recycling technology.Tycycler

5/23/16 team only
The Tycycler is an intuitive, non-motorized and affordable device that helps informal waste workers to recycle waste tires across Africa.

e-co (easy collect): A simple collection system for textile recyclinge-collective

5/23/16 team only
Easy-collect aims to prevent used clothes going to landfill and make them recycled / upcycled / reused.

Waste: a problem or a resource?Green shells

5/23/16 team only
Extraction of material and energy from waste by treating it as resource.This can be achieved by segregation of waste at source.

E-waste a major health and environment concernePure

5/22/16 team only
e-waste is much hazardous than general waste so recycling of e-waste is more important, especially in developing countries like Pakistan.

Organize our Trashdarkpasteldiaries

5/20/16 team only
To organize our trash, we should create separations.


5/19/16 team only
Gasification can help the world both manage its wastes and produce the energy and products needed to foster economic growth.

In-situ Aerobic Treatment of Landfills Immediately Reduces Methanemarkh

5/9/16 team only

Thermal Treatment: Waste-to-Energy Policy and Actionhira

5/9/16 team only
Waste-to-Energy (WTE) is the sum of processes that produce electric energy from controlled waste incineration.


5/3/16 team only
QR code based dustbin to ensure,reward people who recycle and sort waste at source and help reduce emissions by effective recycling & reuse.

Low tech collection and processing of waste to Energy, Fertilizer, and Recyclingcaonikute

4/27/16 team only
A waste collection and processing system that processes waste into fertilizer, paper briquettes, biogas - energy, and recyclables

Atypical Sewage Use (Draft)iWENN

4/23/16 team only
This proposal attempts to show how off-the-shelf technology can improve sewage treatment.


3/24/16 team only


3/5/16 team only
use treated wastewater from treatment plant for making concrete,using granite waste in making block ,using E waste for saving biodiversity

Green Space New LifeSynergY

2/29/16 team only
GreenSpaceNewLife @simranvedvyas @SynergY plant trees to green landfills; reduce CO2 emmissions reduce waste increase healthy oxygen cover

Development Community Integration for Resource EfficiencyCRI Council

2/29/16 team only
Nature does not waste. Why do we? To solve the complex issue of resource and waste management issues, change the lens and start with why?

RePETfil: 100% Recycled Post-consumed PET Bottle 3D Filament3R3DTM

2/23/16 team only