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Energy Supply 2016

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07/05/16 EDT - 07/31/16 EDT
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08/01/16 EDT
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What initiatives, policies and technologies can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector?

The electricity generation sector is the world’s single largest emitter of climate changing greenhouse gases (GHGs). Globally, increasing access for half of the world’s population without electricity is a policy priority. Given the sector’s reliance on carbon-intensive sources, an increase in access will lead to significant GHG emissions growth unless electricity generation sources are diversified to include cleaner options or CO2 mitigating technologies become commonplace. For the first time, an international coalition of 195 countries at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP) reached an agreement to reduce GHG emissions, pursue clean energy options, and take other steps to mitigate the risks associated with climate change. As a global society, how can we most effectively minimize emissions from electricity generation around the world, while still enabling the sector's growth?



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Energy from Oceans Replaces Energy from Fossil FuelsMobilize Now

6/15/16 Team only
Power Plant of the Future: Clean, abundant, and safe energy with no greenhouse gases.

My Energy Xpert: a home and small business energy management solutionenergyX Solutions

6/15/16 Team only
My Energy Xpert is a SMART energy audit and monitoring app empowering people to save time, money and lower their energy footprint.

DARK SOLAR technology applications; infrared and ICE replacing FIRE and smoke!enthalpiq

6/15/16 Team only
ICE and heat replacing FIRE and smoke; the application of concentrated SOLAR power technology and INVISIBLE light to reduce greenhouse gases

The Collective Power Platformroelofsmichiel and 1 other

6/15/16 Team only
The Collective Power Platform is a local peer to peer energy trading market for and by prosumers.

Tidal Energy Power Plantdbayne

6/15/16 Team only
Large scale funnel dam designed to harness tidal pressure. Success will result in almost limitless energy and greatly reduced GHG emissions.

A global solution for decarbonizing energy systemsdbhoward

6/15/16 Team only
Shifting to the mix of energy sources that minimizes total economic, environmental and health costs

The EU x ACT Initiative (The European Union For a Cleaner Tomorrow)actinitiative

6/15/16 Team only
EU policy plan: using nuclear energy to finance investment into renewable energy infrastructure and a European super grid.

China’s (New)Clear FutureGeneration of Change

6/15/16 Team only
Creating a Chinese National Energy Modeling System (for the ‘Other Generating Capacity’ category) in its Five-Year Plans 中国五年计划

Smart insight, smart savingIpsum Energy

6/15/16 Team only
Provide insight in consumption up to appliance level with Smart insight of Ipsum. Shift behavior through competition and cash prices.

Insulator Slow Cooker Bagsmarole

6/15/16 Anyone
Insulator Bags that will enable people to cook boiled food slowly and save electricity, firewood and paraffins for the UNDERPREVILIGED.

Franchised Microgrids for the Developing World Based on Open Source Componentsjlgula

6/14/16 Team only
Deploy microgrids to the developing world using a franchise business model based on open source hardware to reduce cost.

Zero Budget Save Electricity ProjectPraksh Sukdev Kolhe

5/25/16 Team only
To save electricity with the help of students, teachers and parents.

device for monitoring electricity use. Ventilation of premises.deivisbluz

5/23/16 Anyone
Create a map which shows electricity supply to particular building. Electricity meter collects data from equipments. Ventilation pushes CO2.


5/17/16 Team only
To combat rural community's vulnerability to climate change effects through adoption of solar irrigation and egg incubation technology.

Make windfarms a work of art to increase their penetrationgiannigiacomelli69

2/29/16 Team only
Overcome local communities' resistance to wind farms by turning them into desirable work of art backed by famous designers

Containerized Solar Pumps- Replace Diesel Generators in FarmsSOLAROPIA INC.

2/29/16 Team only
Complete solar pumping system up to 50 hp mounted PV on std 20' container Built-in Solar VFD technology to replace diesel generators

Clean Energy BackstopTransformer

2/22/16 Team only
Clean energy projects need long term stable offtakers. Instead of a feed in tariff, allow utilities to set a PPA floor.

The CanPoo Reactordennisearlbaker

2/22/16 Team only
Combine two existing waste streams Nuclear Waste & Human Excrement to generate Hydrogen into electricity, replacing Fossil Fuel electricity