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03/09/14 08:00 EDT
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What other contests should the Climate CoLab run?

The challenges we confront when facing climate change are diverse and complex. Which are the most pressing? Which would you like to see answers to?

If these questions intrigue you, you can suggest a contest to be run on the Climate CoLab. The CoLab staff will review the suggestions, and those that are likely attract sufficient interest and have the potential to make a real impact will be launched.

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Addressing Climate Change curriculum for schools and industriesEdEarth

1/12/17 Team only
Most problems can be solved by providing clear and sufficient information to the appropriate audience.


11/5/16 Team only
Save women and children from smoke and indoor pollution caused by cooking with firewood and charcoal? rescue environment v/s climate change

uniform air and water turbulance distribution around the globe.zariya

7/28/16 Team only
air and water turbulance modeling.

Create simple mode for mobile and other electronic appliancesAhmadreza Barghbani

5/23/16 Team only
Electrical appliances have features advanced and they are multi-processormobile)that we do not need them any time.we can use simple mode.

Design stairways to produce and save energy.Ahmadreza

5/23/16 Team only
Design stairways to produce and save energy.

The sun is kind with the earthahmadreza barghbani

5/23/16 Team only
Study and research on the sun to identify new methods of energy and new ways to storage and 3R.

save our watersbankole.michael45

5/22/16 Team only
management of water bodies are not effective and poution is on the rise

Autonomous device using waste heat for energy harvestingsalhi00imane

5/22/16 Team only
Autonomous device using waste heat for energy harvesting ( Thermoelectricity effect )

Boundaries Tree Corridor Agro FarmingDickson

5/19/16 Team only
Every piece of the land is in use, converted forest into multi-uses. Boundaries tree planting in every farms can raise farm forests

Methane Timebomb Disablers; collect clathrates & capture arctic ‎CH4 emissionsTime Bomb Disablers

3/28/16 Team only
Perfecting slant drillng for clathrates and rolling out kilometers of lichen-covered vapour locking membrane for trapping methane emissions

Oops. I'm sorry. waste of time. there's room here for a pitch, a team name,and everything--

2/18/16 Team only
--except an actual proposal. I would like to leave one,


2/11/16 Team only

Scaling, blindspotting, unblocking and integrating solutionsclimaterescue and 1 other

8/31/15 Anyone
After decades of trying to respond to climate change, the impacts and predictions are worsening. Solutions must be scaled up fast.

Forest, Climate Change and Sustainabilityyiever99

8/5/15 Team only
The sustainability of forest projects under the UNFCCC framework has been heavily criticised for causing social and environmental problems.

Make Prices Reward "Green" Choicesjjs

7/14/15 Team only
People harm Earth in part because prices tell them to. Often it's cheaper to pollute than to conserve or recycle. Geonomists can fix that.

'Musical Awareness To Encourage Climate Change Solutions!'Johnnie Buttram

7/1/15 Team only
Almost everyone can remember having heard a tune and then humming it for the rest of the day.

Sweeping the planetGlobal Design Team

6/14/15 Team only
Climate change and dozens of other major issues all solved with voters power to change our man in charge

Seeking Humanitarian Pathways to help reduce the impact of climate change!Johnnie Buttram

6/13/15 Team only

Quantify methane leaking to accelerate containmentMethane Capture

5/27/15 Team only
Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas and increasing since fracking proliferation. Billions of tons "leaking". Mandate tech to stop.

Soil-Water-Air-Energy-Food-Mobility Nexusjoseph5chepsoi

5/10/15 Team only

Slowing Down Population GrowthPopControl

5/7/15 Team only
The exponential increase of human populations globally is a direct driver of climate change and environmental degradation.

Organizing Climate CoLab for Collective Intelligence on Climate ChangeOcean Foresters

4/24/15 Team only
2015, Climate CoLab drops to one category requesting one integrated and interdisciplinary solution for several global issues.

Easiest Way to involve Maximum People in Climate Protection, Improvement Stepswaghhm

3/24/15 Team only
Involve maximum number of persons in Climate Protection & Improvement activities as a part of their daily life, sans great sacrifices!!

Best Way to Measure Impact On Climate, of Online Efforts at Climate Improvementwaghhm

3/22/15 Team only
Online activity directed at Climate Protection and Improvement should be evalualted for its Overall Impact on Earth Climate!

Measure, recognize, and incentivize eco-socio responsible consumption!Earth Symbuyosis

2/8/15 Team only
Make an app to measure, recognize, and incentivize socially and ecologically responsible consumption to reduce unsustainable consumption.

Biodiversity, wildlife illegal trade, climate impactmariocn1979

2/6/15 Team only
I think there is a big problem the impact of illegal trade in animals associated with changes in climate

Localized Buffering of Ocean AcidificationAcid Buffer

2/3/15 Team only
Can we reduce ocean acidification in localized ocean environments using buffering agents to protect critical habitats and/or fisheries?

How will we change our use of ocean resources?jenniehatch

1/17/15 Team only
The dual problems of ocean acidification and rising global temperatures are putting our ocean resources at risk.


1/17/15 Team only
It has been said people will not believe the level of climate change unless it is thrown in their face

Research on finding of alternative sinkspdey609

12/30/14 Team only
Identification or development of alternative sustainable sinks for greenhouse gases.

. . . Geographical / Informational Inclusion Process . . .Johnnie Buttram

12/17/14 Team only
This process is designed to correlate the collective intelligence of the Co Lab membership to address planetary climate change problems.

The need to create incentives for community initiatives that promote sustainable use of biodiversity, with the active participation of villagers.Ma.Castrilllo

10/3/14 Team only

Small examples can make a big difference togetherjan-k

7/27/14 Team only
The overwhelming scale of climate change feeds inaction. To counteract, I suggest a competition to find small examples that everyone can do.


7/18/14 Team only
art & design can have a huge impact on how people view and act on climate change.

Climate change and environmental education in school and communitynaresh

7/17/14 Team only
Child-friendly schools can only be effective if they are an integral part of the community.


7/11/14 Team only

Russia - World Green ReservoiriLikeGreen

6/19/14 Team only
What top speaker / good branded organisation with strong network may do to turn biggest country to be Green thinking?

Global Green and Eco labelingiLikeGreen

6/18/14 Team only
Unfortenatelly there is no clear and visually strong unified Eco and Sustain living sybolizm - It is required for Green Economy

The collaborative development of innovations in sustainability.haywoodfarm

6/18/14 Team only
Using the proven principles of passive solar design for the infrastructure of whole communities rather than their individual buildings.

Arctic Sea Ice Restoration Project ASIRPcyclonebuster

6/11/14 Team only
Restore Arctic Sea Ice extent and mass over 20 year time period with geo-engineering.

How do we create competition between communities to mitigate climate change?amagra11

6/6/14 Team only
Nobody wants to fix the climate, 'cause nobody else is doing it. The only way we'll get results is if people feel like a part of a team.

Rethinking Parking Lotsyiftach-nagar

6/4/14 Anyone
Parking lots cover 1/3 of the surface area in some cities. The US parking area is larger than Puerto Rico! Let's rethink/reclaim these areas

Selling global warmingdoglover196777

5/29/14 Team only
Ideas on how to sell global warming. Different for different types of people.

Seeking Outlandish Ideas On How To Reduce Your Carbon FootprintGreen Blizzard

5/14/14 Team only
Share with us your most creative and outlandish ideas on how individuals can reduce their carbon footprint through lifestyle changes.

Operation Self Sustainabilitytinacornely

5/14/14 Team only
How can you save the planet & the poor at the same time?By teaching the poor how to repurpose trash.They earn a living & become eco stewards

Quantifying Overall Uncertainty in Climate Change Predictionspatricktalbot

5/14/14 Team only
A challenge in predicting climate change over the next 10 to 200 years: quantify and combine the effects of numerous types of uncertainty

Technology development in response to climate changeramdom

5/14/14 Team only
Basic science, medicine, and nanotechnology research to adapt to climate change including development of nanobiosolar panels.

Images for Efficacygharp

5/4/14 Team only
Propose a photo or image assignment that will make climate change solutions vivid, real, meaningful, and actionable for ordinary Americans.

Tell me why this won't work. I have much more information but need more room.Mike McGinnis

4/25/14 Team only
I am an environmental technician. We currently draw energy from wind and water turbines. Our atmosphere is a source of energy.

What is the quickest and safest way of cooling the planet in the short term ?rosjones

4/9/14 Team only
The quickest and safest way of cooling the planet in the short term is to restore reflectivity and shading to 1960 levels.

FOOD! From farm to fork, it is the biggest driver of climate change!Local Food

3/19/14 Team only
Agriculture is the largest driver of climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental destruction. It is the nexus that we must address!

Finding Gasses That Capture Greenhouse Gassesamagra11

1/26/14 Team only
This is a weird, futuristic, sci-fi, probably-won't-work idea. But what if it did work?

Tying the Economy to the Environmentpierre

1/24/14 Team only
Let's create a NEW Game of Life. One that creates symbiosis between the economy and the environment.

USA joining the world---The Kyoto Protocolninapwa

1/23/14 Team only
To begin with, let's get the USA to sign the Kyoto Protocol! Necessary first step! Then we can work on smaller issues.

Educating the public and breaking media barriersjoylette

1/9/14 Team only

Decentralised coordination of supporters and skill sets to drive climate actionallang

12/14/13 Team only
Climate action lacks a mechanism to allow individuals to effectively contribute there time and energy to addressing global warming

Green Games and Apps can change the WorldRecycRace

12/10/13 Team only
Scaring the Public does not always work. We will CHANGE Public Attitude towards Climate Change in ways that are FUN, SOCIAL and INTUITIVE.

solving Jevons paradoxgalen

12/4/13 Team only
Efficiency forms a large part of climate change solutions. But we use up free resources, leading to Jevons' Paradox. Can this be overcome?

Reducing psychological resistance to addressing climate changeGreen Giants

12/3/13 Team only
There still is significant resistance from people and politicians to addressing climate change, despite the science and computer modeling.

ThinkTank2BootsOnAlliance (TT2BOA)Policy Alignment

11/22/13 Team only
The value of organized think tank work and reporting is only realized when action takes hold.