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2012-2013 Climate CoLab contest winners

September 5, 2013
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In the autumn of 2012, the Climate CoLab opened up 18 contests, each focused on a challenge the world is facing as we confront climate change.

By June 15, nearly 400 proposals had been submitted from around the world, by non-profits, entrepreneurs, scholars and climate experts, students, business people, and concerned citizens.

Proposals championed new technologies, community projects, online apps and websites, marketing strategies, business ideas, and government initiatives. After a series of revisions, 59 promising proposals were chosen as finalists.

Over the month of August, you--our community--engaged a record number of people in considering and selecting climate change solutions: over 4500 votes were cast (more than double the number case in the prior CoLab contest), membership soared to above 10,000, and we had visitors reading and selecting proposals from almost every country in the world.

Announcing the 2012/2013 Climate CoLab winners

After a year and much hard work from our volunteer Advisors, Fellows, and Judges, the CoLab community, and, of course, the proposal authors, we are proud to announce the winners of our 2012/2013 contests:


Adaptation and Civil Society Groups


Agriculture and Forestry


Building Efficiency


Electric Power Sector


Enabling Adaptation




Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)


Local Solutions


Reducing Consumption


Replacing Diesel Generation


Scaling Renewables in Major Emerging Economies


Shifting Cultures for a Changing Climate


Transportation Efficiency


Urban Adaptation: Climate Resilient Cities


Waste Management


*Popular Choice (at large) refers to proposals which received over 100 votes (3% of votes cast in all contests)


After review of the entries, the Judges in the following contests have chosen not to award any winners.  While the finalists presented very intruiging and well thought-out ideas, the Judges deemed the challenges associated with implementing those ideas as being too great to warrant further development of the proposals.

  • Profitably Reducing Emissions from Cement
  • Industrial Efficiency
  • Fossil Fuel Sector


Updated Website

Each contest now displays all submitted proposals and we encourage our community members to continue to Support and Comment on them.  To see how many votes were cast for each proposal, click the "Selection of Winners" phase at the top of each contest page, below the title.
Don't forget to check out and register for our Crowds & Climate Conference on November 6-8, where these winners will be presenting.
Congratulations again to our winners, and thank you to everyone who participated in the 2012-13 contests for your hard work, intelligent thinking, and valuable contributions!  Together, we are helping to plan and gain support for better climate actions than anything we humans would otherwise have done.


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